10 Actors That Could Play Cable In The ‘Deadpool’ Sequel

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The Deadpool sequel has had somewhat of a roller coaster of a pre-production. Which is understandable, given it’s surprising (to studio execs, at least) rise to prominence as a tier-1 franchise. When a movie makes $700 million, there are more hands on deck, more vocal opinions. Immediately after the film’s success, we got some good news: The sequel was happening ASAP (it was mentioned in the end-credits scene), Cable was going to be in it (also end-credits), and Domino would make an entrance as well.

Fantastic developments, given how integral characters these characters, particularly Cable, are to some of Deadpool’s best stories. Everything seemed right on track. Until we got some abrupt changes to the creative team. Tim Miller walked out due to clashes with Ryan Reynolds. Junkie Xl, the film’s composer, was right behind him. The great sequel seemed less of a sure thing now.

We still have the writers, who were admittedly the backbone of the project. 20th Century Fox has since hired a capable, if not stylistically perfectly matched, director. Still, what led to the fallout? Apparently, casting Cable had a lot to do with it. Miller had his man. Reynolds disagreed. And Reynolds, more than anyone else, is the wheel that keeps Deadpool turning; he has final say.

So, on that topic: Who is going to play Cable? Who should play Cable? We have some thoughts on the potential casting. Here are the top candidates, in no particular order, that we feel should be considered for the pivotal role.


Andrew McBride

Andrew McBride

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  • AKA

    “Ryan Reynolds seems like the kind of guy who wouldn’t want to be overshadowed by a bigger star”

    I find this comment a bit strange.
    It seems that Reynolds played alongside Denzel Washington in Safe House. “Ben Mendelsohn in Missippi Grind or Helen Miren in Woman in Gold. These three actors are extremely talented. I think Reynolds just made a movie with Jake Gyllenhaal.

    What would be really funny is that Kyle Chandler is ultimately chosen as Cable.

    I find fascinating the image of spoiled child and diva (of actor who is afraid of being overshadowed by another more talented actor) who sticks to the skin of Reynolds since this story of creative differences with Tim Miller. History of which we do not know the ins and outs. If Reynolds was really afraid of being overshadowed by another more talented actor or a big star in this case, he would have had to leave the job for a very long time.

    • HG2012

      yeah i dont get this whole ryan is some big headed diva no he is just passionate and wants his vision to be represented

  • Nightwing

    Michael Cera for Cable.

  • Nick Farina

    Gibson gets my vote.

  • Bruce Norris
  • Worldmind

    I’m a little miffed that Brad Pitt is on your list and Stephen Lang isn’t! Honestly I was expecting the next one to be Johnny Depp. But you pulled it back with that Ray Stevenson pick, good call! I can almost picture Ted Danson myself, maybe he is TOO old though.

    Also, one thing to bear in mind is that we have a pretty good Scott Summers and Jean Grey in the X Universe right now, and Cable is Scott and Madelyn Pryor’s (Jean Grey’s clone) son, so I’m not sure if a black actor is the right way to go, but if Cable were black, then Idris Elba would be awesome.

    Screw it, get Arnold.

    • Isobel

      Agree as awesome as Denzel and Idris are, I don’t think Fox would go in that direction

  • Worldmind

    Kyle Chandler would great as a younger Jim Gordon.

  • Federico Murias

    Arnold Schwarzenegger or Dolph Lundgren

  • Chris Schroeder

    Idris makes every list, every time, for every character. It’s kind of funny lol

  • Chris W

    If Jeffrey Dean Morgan does a cycle of HGH he gets my vote.

  • DefJ123

    Stephen Lang is my first choice. Ray Stevenson would be awesome too.

  • Derek Wiles

    Well his parents are Jean Grey and Cyclops so theres that first. Ray Stevenson or Kiefer Sutherland are my choices.