5 Actors Who Could Play Lobo For DC Films

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Lobo DC ComicsLobo has been one of those comic book properties that has never quite gotten off the ground. At one point, Dwayne Johnson was even attached to play the character. But with every bit of news, time passes by and nothing happens. Now with Warner Bros. shaking things up in its DC Films division, a big change is coming. As revealed yesterday, Michael Bay could be the director who will finally bring Lobo to life on the big screen.

The character has become popular for his gruff attitude that is something of a parody of action cliches. There is a unique zaniness to the character that has only been embraced by Deadpool in the current comic book movie stage. Lobo could be that smaller but well-known character who breaks out due to his uniqueness. But first, Warner Bros. needs to find the right actor to play him.

Here are a few potential actors who could play Lobo for DC Films. Click Next to get started!

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  • alexpedro

    Noooooooo Lobo IS Danny Trejo

  • Daniel

    Topher Grace.

  • Clay Strohman

    Who wrote this and how do you have a job with this company

    • JNAZ


    • Technofied

      You’re forgetting they don’t pay their writers and this is exactly what you get for free.

      • Clay Strohman

        Did not know that. Explains a lot actually.

  • Luisbats

    none of them, who ever wrote this article needs to do some research, the only person that would of been a no brainer would of been, jason mamoa, too bad he’s already aquaman

  • Carl

    Dwayne Johnson would be the best, is it too late to move him off the Black Adam role? I’d accept John Cena as a 2nd choice.

  • https://media.gq.com/photos/5739f52ba522201d4b35c9f4/master/w_560/gronk-shirt-white.gif

    One guy that nobody is even thinking of is Rob Gronkowsky. He is being courted by the likes of Sylvester Stallone and Dwayne “The Rock” Jonson to retire from football and take up a film career and the guy is big.

  • elvismais

    I thought of Norman Reedus.

  • battleshout

    Jason Momoa