10 Actors Who Should Play Red Hood In The DC Extended Universe

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Red Hood
Not much is known about The Batman, but one thing is clear: the Red Hood would make an incredible villain. While there have been a few iterations of the Red Hood over the years, I’m specifically referring to when Jason Todd, one of Batman’s former sidekicks, takes up the mantle. After being brutally murdered by the Joker, Jason Todd was buried and believed dead by the world. As a result of the universe-altering event Infinite Crisis, his death was retconned and he spent years developing a grudge to his former mentor for leaving him alone.

Over time, Jason Todd dons the villainous Red Hood mantle and decides to wage a one-man war on crime. Unlike Batman, he doesn’t have limits though. Red Hood is a proud killer, and instead of wiping crime from the city, he aims to take over the drug trade himself to ensure no one sells to kids. He’s an extremely complex, interesting character, so he obviously needs a talented performer to bring him to life on the big screen.

Here are ten actors who should play Red Hood in the DC Extended Universe. Click Next to get started!

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Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

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  • Jacob Kruger

    How do you not have Jensen Ackles on here?

    • Maxi Iroh

      Because he’s probably older than the new Batman actor.

      • Kevin Murphy

        Jensen is younger than Ben.

        • Maxi Iroh

          NEW Batman actor, not Ben Affleck.

  • Vanessa Duncan

    Who ever wrote this knows nothing about jason todd and needs to ask an actual fan for facts first. His death was never retconned, he was dead and then brought back to live via the Lazarus pit. Omg get your facts!

    • Homez19

      Well there are different versions. In one version superboy punched a whole in reality so Jason came back or never actually died or something like that. So… yeah

    • Fabio Riato

      It’s only cool to come forward and call out people to get their facts straight when your own facts are. While Jason’s death remained the same in both DC continuations (Post-Crisis and New 52), his resurrection was told differently. The Lazarus Pit stuff was only a thing after the New 52.

      Post-Crisis: after Superboy-Prime punched the walls of the reality he was trapped on, Jason was brought back to life. There was no Lazarus Pit involved in the resurrection. The Pit was indeed used afterwards by Talia al Ghul to bring back his health and memories, but he was already alive.

      New 52: simpler version of the resurrection, with Talia using the Lazarus Pit for the whole process.

  • Maxi Iroh

    He was brought back in Infinite Crisis when Superboy Prime punched reality, later on that was retconned into him being revived via the Lazarus Pit, his death was never retconned though.

  • Maxi Iroh

    Dylan O’Brien and Taron Egerton.

  • Homez19

    Yeah, i agree with none of these choices

  • Sara G

    WHAAAAAT it’s gotta be Jensen Ackles, you guys, he’s already voiced Jason Todd and is great at fighting with father figures. Though he may be “pushing 40”, he’s still perfect

  • Jerry Philman Jr.

    Absolutely Jensen Ackels if not him Aaron Paul

  • Star Travis

    I just hope whenever they make a Jason Todd centered movie they make it rated R. It would be hard to let Jason be Jason with PG-13 regulations.

  • Chris Baker

    There’s only one red hood, and that’s Jensen Ackles

  • Michele Corliss Lefler

    Chris Zylka has the look of the character for me. Then I’d cast Taron Egerton as Tim and Finn Wittrock as an older Damian.

  • ComicbookConnoisseur

    Strike 1: Believing Red Hood would appear in the DCEU.
    Strike 2: Believing the DCEU is going to continue at all.
    Whoever wrote this should be on some kind of medication.