10 Actors Who Should Play Shazam

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Audiences have known that the Rock is playing Black Adam for years, but Shazam (a.k.a. Captain Marvel) still hasn’t been cast. Even though the movie has a director and is set to begin filming early next year, the title role is empty.

Plot details are still essentially non-existent except for the fact that Black Adam will not appear in this movie. Regardless, director David Sandberg, who just finished work on Annabelle: Creations, announced the start of pre-production at the end of August.

Rumors may be swirling online about one actor or another being up for the role, but as of now no one is the designated front runner. This role, which has huge potential to become a major franchise once the character is given a bigger spotlight, is still open for the taking.

With that said, hit Next to find out about 10 actors who should play Shazam!

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Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

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  • alexpedro

    John Ham! Wooooooow, Never imagined. He would be incredible! I vote for him.

  • I’m the real Flash

    What is it with the same recycled actors that could be “fill in the blank” for this superhero? Mat Bommer, Armie Hammer, Channing Tatum, Johm Hamm, Nathon Fillion. I’m suprised Idris Elba wasn’t included. I think, Chris Zylka and Kellan Lutz are pretty solid choices at least.

  • Grifter

    Kellan Lutz can’t act worth sh*t. And John Cena, lmao. Hopefully no one is picked to actually play him from this list.

  • fox

    Worst list ever.

  • kebernet

    Rob Riggle. He’s the only one.

  • Swaggersaurus

    Terrible choices