6 Super Men Who Could Play Superman On ‘Supergirl’

Superman in Supergirl

As you’ve probably heard by now, Superman is coming to Supergirl! Of course, for those of you who watch the show, you’ll know that Supes has been around from the very beginning. He’s shown up in silhouette or as a small crimson blur in an award winning photograph or as a pair of boots conspicuously placed in the background of a shot. And yet, while Kal-El has been a presence in his cousin’s life, we, as an audience have not been witness to much of it. The most we know about the Last Son of Krypton in the world of Supergirl is that he sends IMs.

But, when Supergirl‘s new season starts on its new network this fall, we’re actually going to get to meet the guy, see his face, and, presumably, hear him speak. Will wonders never cease?

Anyway, all this means that the CW is going to need a guy with a face and a voice to show up and actually act alongside the Girl of Steel. Who is that going to be? Beats us, but you clicked into this article expecting to see a list of actors who could play Superman, so, gosh darnet, that’s what we’re gonna give you! Let the irresponsible speculation commence!


David Daut

David Daut

Though his taste has been described as ‘broken’, David maintains that the Fast & Furious series is the greatest cultural achievement of the modern era.

  • Vegas82

    Matt Bomer would be interesting, but I think he may look a bit too much like the other Superman we currently have… Jon Hamm would be awesome. Great sense of humor and he has the dramatic range required.

  • razorstar90

    I wish someone would make a list with actors who WOULD actually play Superman on a CW show. All these choices are fine, but come on. Jon Hamm aint coming to the CW. CW actors are uber pretty and uber cheap. Let’s just be real here.

    • Stupid ridiculous, right?

      • razorstar90

        It really is. These choices are mind boggling. It’s like bro this aint HBO, this aint even CBS. Lets just keep it 100, the next Superman will be some Abercrombie Model turned actor, either that or someone from the Glee Cast.

        • Mr. Schu would actually be a pretty damn good Superman, to be honest.

          And unlike the others on this list, he’d be a choice that would actually sign to do it.

        • Darthmanwe

          While I agree with you…

          Glee cast had some really talented people in it, evidence being on screen right now.

  • Yeah… wow… NONE OF THESE ACTORS would ever be Superman on Supergirl.

    So, what was the purpose of this list? We’re just writing lists now? About anything and everything?

    I’m going to write a list of directors I want DC/WB to hire to direct the next Superman film, and like your list, none of them would ever actually do it (for various reasons), but hey, since we’re writing lists of things that would never happen, why not?

    1. John Ford.
    2. Steven Spielberg
    3. John Sturges
    4. The Coen Brothers
    5. Orson Welles

    There you go. A list of 5 amazing directors. None of whom will ever direct the next Superman film.

    Just like your list above. :-)

    • Darthmanwe

      James Dean for Supes. Humphrey Bogart for Lex Luthor.

      • I mean, since we’re making lists, right?

        • Darthmanwe

          Well, I think we should all count ourselves lucky since I resisted the urge to cast Charlie Chaplin as Booster Gold.

  • Baptiste

    Go home David, you’re DRUNK

  • H.I McDunnough

    I agree that certain names on this list would be way out of CW’s price range…..but you have to consider the appeal of the role. It’s an iconic role, even if its not on an iconic series. Didn’t Liam Neeson say he would be willing to reprise his Batman Begin’s role on Arrow? Who’s to say an actor with a decent profile wouldn’t be up for it.

    • razorstar90

      Clearly you’ve never heard of the Superman Curse.

  • Jewie

    Henry Cavill and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau don’t really look alike. Also, Brandon Routh playing Superman when he’s already Atom would create more confusion than the fact that the movie and TV universes are separate. This list felt more like wishful thinking than an actual list of people who might take the role.

  • Redford Jefferson Madison III

    Spot on! This article was a waste of time. My two cents:

    Zach Woods (Silicon Valley, The Office)
    Jack Lacy (Girls, The Office)

  • I agree. Routh.

  • JC

    I don’t believe that they will end up showing his face in the show. Whether it is him floating in the sky with a glare from the sun or him at a distance where you can’t quite make out his face. I don’t see his role being very large either besides him just counseling Kara.

    This way it doesn’t become a Cavill v whoever situation although the viewer is smart enough to differentiate in my opinion.

  • G.B.P.P.

    This list

  • G.B.P.P.
  • algarciashead

    Routh all the way.

  • Darthmanwe

    No to all of them.

    On the basis that you can’t cast any of them in that role, whether financially or character requirement wise.

    Worst article I’ve read on HH yet.

  • RNG

    Id expect them to scour acting pool of recently canceled tv shows. Here’s a few possibilities and a couple “wishful thinking.”

    Enver Gjokaj (Agent Carter)
    Chad Michael Murray
    Jake McDorman (Limitless)
    Nick Zano (Minority Report)
    Robert Kazinsky (Second Chance)

    Fun Ideas
    James Van Der Beek
    Nathan Fillion

  • JMMagwood

    Stupid waste of time list. Red trunks or no red trunks?

  • Geir Gunnarsson

    Tom Welling