10 Actresses Who Could Play Black Canary In The DC Extended Universe

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Black Canary DC ComicsThe superhero genre is still thriving despite many saying that it would not last. The way that it is doing that is by constantly changing and adapting to the times. Many clamored for more female superhero leads. There were ones here and there but they all had the misfortune of being bad to terrible. Now with the success of Wonder Woman on the big screen and shows such as Marvel’s Jessica Jones and Supergirl on television, it is a great time for female heroes to strike. Black Canary can be the next big female superhero to hit the mainstream.

Black Canary has had a long history in the pages of DC Comics since her introduction. She has been a star, a co-star with Green Arrow, a member of the Justice League and so on. With a resume like that in comics, you can put her in many different roles, but you need the right actress to bring her to life.

Here are 10 actresses who could play Black Canary in the DC Extended Universe. Hit Next to get started!

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  • Brian

    I play a game called Hollywood Mogul and cast Billie Lourd in the role.

  • Box Bruceleitner

    So, Emma Stone, Charlize Theron and Ronda Rousey in the same list. Are you using any real criteria or just picked names of people at random?

    • V-anonymous

      Random of course

  • Max Irons

    The only one i feel would fit the character is Emily Blunt, Black Canary has a boxer’s soul, even though she kicks a lot, i don’t feel like Charlize could pull that off, also she’s very skinny, elegant, Dinah would be more on the brutish side.

    Ronda Housey can’t act, so it’s no for her.

  • Michele Norris

    All wrong. Kathryn Winnick is the only right answer!

  • AreTuda EDub

    If you’ve seen AHS …I think Lady Gaga would be excellent for the role.

  • Matias Gagliardone

    Katheryn Winnick’s the only choice for me.

  • Mr F

    Pretty much the worst list possible.

  • SmoothTrIxt3r

    Can’t believe you didn’t include Kathryn Winnick.

  • Daniel LaDue

    Soooo. I just read a terrible list of actresses for a role for a film that isn’t even being made for the uncertain future of the DCEU? I gotta stop clicking these articles.

    • stephanos13

      The movie starts production January 2019.

  • Steven Asare

    Blake lively would pull it off

  • nelson

    Olivia Wilde should have been cast as Lois Lane.

  • Joe Loynaz

    Katheryn Winnick has my vote