6 Actresses Who Should Play Poison Ivy In The DC Extended Universe

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Poison Ivy DC ComicsPoison Ivy is one of Batman’s most interesting villains. A trained botanist, Pamela Isley was injected with a series of poisons and toxins while in college that caused her radical transformation. Whether she hits the big screen as a bad guy in a solo Batman film or a protagonist in the Gotham City Sirens film if it actually gets made, Poison Ivy deserves a chance to join the DC Extended Universe.

A temptress who often uses her looks and spores to seduce the dynamic duo and random civilians to her cause, Poison Ivy is an extremely dangerous foe. Thanks to her toxins, she can control the mind of anyone around her, even powerful superheroes like Superman. As if that wasn’t dangerous enough, she can also control plants to either defend her or attack during a battle.

Hit Next to discover the 6 actresses who should play Poison Ivy in the DC Extended Universe!

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Nick Kazden

Nick Kazden

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  • 80sRobot

    I’d like Mirelle Enos. That way she and her co-star from The Killing, Joel Kinnaman, could possibility reunite for a scene!

  • Yellow Buzz

    Gugu Mbatha-Raw would a phenomenal Pamela Isley.

  • Maxi Iroh

    6- no
    4- no
    2- no
    1- no
    I would add Haley Bennett to this list.

  • AndyBoy03

    I still want jessica chastain as hawkgirl, the rest i dont care much for them but i would pick Jessica Beil for the role after watching her in The Sinner, as for catwoman ill choose a British actriss lile Rosamund Pike, Emily Blunt or even Claire Foy but my top choice would be Charlize Theron

  • Matias Gagliardone

    I don’t see 6 actresses that should portray Poison Ivy here, maybe 6 actresses that could portray Poison Ivy.

  • poweranimals

    Bella Thorne

  • MrSpoiler15

    Terrible list.
    Emily Beecham from “Into the Badlands”.

  • Cajun Shaun

    Why isn’t Karen Gillan on this list?

  • Starcatcher07

    NATALIE DORMER, the other “Rose” from Game of Thrones.

    I like the suggestion of Mary Elizabeth Winstead a lot though. Hadn’t considered her before but it fits.

  • Yellow Buzz

    Gugu Mbatha Raw or Thandie Newton or Priyanka Chopra or Natalie Dormer