AFL Host Wears Superman Shirt To Celebrate Stadium Named After Marvel

Superman Marvel StadiumAFL Game Day host and Australian Football League commentator Hamish McLachlan wore Superman shirt to celebrate the Marvel rebranding of Etihad Stadium, resulting in criticism from comic book fans on social media.

Last week, it was announced that Melbourne, Australia’s Etihad Stadium will be renamed Marvel Stadium following a new 8-year partnership with The Walt Disney Company Australia. To celebrate the partnership, Hamish McLachlan wore the Superman T-shirt on Sunday’s AFL Game Day, apparently unaware that the Man of Steel is a DC Comics property. Later during the broadcast, McLachlan noted his error:

“We’re asking everyone today about superheroes because of Marvel. I’m wearing Superman — he isn’t a Marvel character apparently, but he was my favorite superhero.”

Of course, fans took to Twitter to poke fun at McLachlan and you can read some of the reactions below!

The aforementioned deal includes the installation of a Marvel retail store and other “activations” at the venue designed to bring the comic book characters to life. The Marvel store will take up approximately 50 square meters of space.

What are your thoughts on the whole situation? Personally, as a fellow fan of the character, I’m just thrilled anytime anyone expresses their love for Superman. Share your own thoughts below!


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Sebastian Peris

Sebastian Peris

Canadian film lover, comic book geek, political junkie and board game enthusiast.

  • Scott Whalen

    He should be forced to watch every DCEU movie for an entire week.

  • Maxi Iroh

    I think he should wear a Superman shirt on every game now, as a gag.

  • Darthmanwe

    I went to see every Marvel movie I have seen since 2012 with either a Superman tshirt or Flash tshirt, on purpose.

    It is incredibly satisfying to see the hues of red increase on idiots’ faces as you saunter over to your seat, proudly displaying an insignia, while other people just laugh or say funny and/or approving things.

    I want to believe this guy wanted to do something similar.

  • Kelly

    Calm down, nerds.