’Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’: ‘All The Madame’s Men’ Review

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 419Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. opens up with The Bakshi Report as Sunil Bakshi reports on the death of The Patriot, the leader of the Resistance while over at Hydra, Daisy gets out of her Terrigen-Cocoon. She and May start taking down Hydra agents and try to get out of the building. Unfortunately, Madame Hydra and a set of Hydra agents catch up and have them surrounded. The Madame is surprised to see May’s change of heart before getting blasted by Daisy’s Quake powers that are now back.

Back in the real world, Aida wakes up from the Framework. The Superior tries to kill May, but for some reason he can’t pull the trigger as Aida tells him that just like her, they can’t execute these people. Aida informs him though about Daisy and Simmons having been able to hack into the Framework and asks him to find where they are so he can take them out. In the Framework, the heroes are trying to find out what to do next and how to strike Hydra. They catch the news on Bakshi Report that Madame Hydra was attacked and they realize that it might be Daisy’s doing. Fitz is furious what they did to the Madame, but his father tells him to focus on finding the people who did it, as he must now lead Hydra. Through Bakshi Report, Fitz instructs Sunil to get the news out about Melinda and Daisy as they are now wanted terrorists.

Ward asks Coulson for help in finding Skye, but the two men don’t agree at first. Coulson convinces Ward to not let his emotions get to him and to think this through. Meanwhile, Simmons is going over the Project Looking Glass schematics from Trip and she realizes that Aida is using Darkhold technology that is far more advanced in the Framework than in the real world. After Trip tells her about having overheard something about an oil rig in the Baltic, Simmons figures out what the Madame is up to. They head over there to try and find the Project, but it’s not there. However, in the real world, that is the exact location where the Project is being built at. Simmons realizes what Aida is up to: she is trying to create a new human body.

Daisy and May are still on the run and as they are trying to re-connect with the Resistance point of contact, the agent doesn’t trust them. Hydra catches up with them, but Daisy manages to stop the moving vehicle before taking May and their Resistance ally into safety. Daisy keeps asking May about how Mace went down and May admits that it was because of her orders of destroying that building. What they don’t know is that Fitz has been informed about them being spotted as Fitz’s father is set to go after them.

Just as Daisy and May are about to be shot by another Hydra soldier, Mack knocks him out, but still aims a gun at May after what she did to his daughter. Daisy assures Mack that May has switch sides as she helped Daisy get her powers back. Coulson arrives and convinces Mack that they need to trust May as they all take off. Meanwhile, Fitz is continuing to work on the project before his father informs him that the traitors got away. Fitz orders him to keep going after them, but his father tells him to check his manners.

Fitz’s father pays a visit to Radcliffe and tries to get answers out of him about May’s betrayal. He tells Radcliffe that he knows about “the other world that Radcliffe comes from. Radcliffe won’t give up any information and keeps mocking Alistair for how he is in the real world, which gets him furious as he starts torturing Radcliffe. Back at S.H.I.E.L.D., they decide to put May’s body camera footage to use as they are planning to expose Hydra to the world by using the Bakshi Report studio to send out an emergency broadcast. They invade the studio and starts setting everything up. Ward, however, tells Daisy that he knows that he isn’t going with them to the other world and decides to stay there alone and keep the signal boasting for as long as he can.

He ask Daisy before she leaves, if there is any chance that he will get his Skye back, but she doesn’t know what will happen when she leaves the Framework. Daisy admits that she didn’t understand the other Ward completely until seeing this version, that there was perhaps some good in him this whole time. The broadcast starts as Coulson gets in front of the camera and begins telling the world the truth about the Patriot’s death, how he sacrificed himself to save innocent people that Hydra kidnapped. Coulson declares himself as “Phil Coulson, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Ward gets informed that people are rallying outside the Bakshi Report studio, but it’s not Hydra agents: it appears to be people that want to fight Hydra.

The episode concludes with the Superior informing Aida that he has located Daisy and Simmons’ bodies, as time is now officially starting to run out. With so much going down in this episode, we have a lot to discuss. With all of that said, hit the NEXT button below and let’s go through some of tonight’s biggest highlights and important moments in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 episode: “All The Madame’s Men”

#5: Fitz’s Father

#4: Project Looking Glass

#3: Hydra Exposed

#2: Farewell, Ward [?]

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