‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’: ‘The Return’ Review

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. opens up with our characters back in the real world as we see Aida teleports away with Fitz which gets Coulson furious as he realizes that she has Inhuman powers now in her human body. When the Superior starts attacking them, Coulson manages to take him out by activating his holo-shield. But it’s not over yet as they discover two robot versions of Superior approaching. They lock themselves inside the room they woke up in as Coulson catches May up to what she missed.

The majority of the episode features the characters dealing with being back in the real world, while Zephyr One is still being attacked with Simmons, Daisy and Yo-Yo onboard. Yo-Yo is furious with Daisy leaving Mack, until she finds out that he chose to stay behind because of his daughter Hope. Yo-Yo wants to go and save him, but Daisy explains that it’s not a good idea to into the Framework, as they need all the help they can get right now. Later on they watch the news where Glenn Talbot has labeled S.H.I.E.L.D. once again as terrorists. Coulson tries to figure out where he and May are at right now as they are still trapped beneath the oil platform.

Elsewhere, Aida is experiencing human life at a beach with Fitz who isn’t adjusting well to Aida 2.0. He still remembers everything he did in the Framework while she tries to justify everything that went down. After a long talk, she teleports them away to a calmer place as she tries to express her love for Fitz. He asks if she can feel empathy as he wonders if she could understand how her action may have hurt others. However, when she remembers The Superior, she gets deeply concerned. Aida starts getting overwhelmed by all of these new human feelings while trying to work out the situation she has caused.

Two versions of the Superior try to fight Coulson and May that after a long fight, manage to take the two robots out. However, they start to wonder why the enemy didn’t flood the base, if they are so desperate to kill May and Coulson. But things change quickly as the base gets attacked by torpedo’s, fired by the Superior and his men. The base starts flooding the base as Coulson tries to get May and himself to the surface. Aida teleports back to the base to try and convince the Superior from going through with the plan. However, he isn’t budging and teleports back to Fitz before taking him to Mack, as she zaps them to the Zephyr one. But they both get iced by Simmons the minute they arrive.

The Zephyr One gets to Coulson and May just in the right time before the whole base blows up. Once back on the ground, they see the remainders of the S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ, while Aida and Fitz are placed in a containment cell. But things go horribly wrong inside when Fitz gets Aida upset as she finds out that he is still in love with Simmons. Simmons, who has been watching everything over a monitor, rushes to get Fitz out of there and keeps Aida, who can’t teleport away, trapped. However, she has another Inhuman power as she starts generating electricity to shut the cell’s power down before being able to teleport away.

However, while Aida is MIA, the agents have a new problem as Talbot and his men have surrounded them. Talbot tells them about what happened, what “they” (as in their LMD versions) did as Coulson tries to explain the events of the Framework. Aida shows up again and tries to attack the agents protecting Fitz, but they start firing at her non-stop before Agent Piper and Fitz gets away in an elevator. He arrives where Coulson, Talbot and everyone else is at. Fitz starts screaming that Aida has gone wild and that they need to get away as soon as possible. Talbot and his squad leave the ship to let the agents get away.

Elsewhere, a heartbroken Aida returns to the Superior who is planning to reshape the world to fit the world of the Framework. Aida wants to take it to the next level as she wants to see the agents suffer. She shatters his skull before being greeted by another Superior. Meanwhile, as Talbot and his squad are leaving the remains of the HQ, a familiar hero emerges from a portal. The episode ends with Yo-Yo waking up in the Framework to save Mack, but it won’t be that easy as she finds herself without her powers and strapped to a table.

With so much going down in tonight’s episode, we have a lot to discuss. With all of that said, hit the NEXT button below and let’s go through some of tonight’s biggest highlights and important moments in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 episode: “The Return”

#5: Back In The Real World

#4: The Fury Of Aida

#3: Yo-Yo Takes A Major Risk

#2: A Hot Return

#1: Verdict & Other Thoughts

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