‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ EP Talks New Hydra Boss, Familiar Faces & More

Last night Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returned and introduced viewers to a Marvel Cinematic Universe where Hydra gained power. While the harrowing episode offered audiences thrills, it also left them with many unanswered questions. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Jed Whedon addressed some of those questions, including how long our heroes may be trapped in the Framework and the true intentions of Hydra’s new boss.

Whedon discussed how our heroes cannot stay in the Framework for long when asked how much time the series will spend in the alternate reality.

“Nature taking its course is against them, so they can’t be in there too long. It’s clear at the end of the episode that there are other things at play here. Aida has taken this opportunity [to escape] and twisted it in some way, so we’ll see how that unfolds. It feels like there’s a lot working against them.”

Whedon explained how Simmons could be alive if death in the Framework results in death in the real world.

“We think of that as more she plugged into the avatar and it just happened to be in a terrible spot. The rule still applies to her and still applies to everyone. She just happened to plug into a body that, when she did, didn’t happen to be alive, but that’s more of a loophole. Moving forward, those stakes are real for everybody. We will get a sense of that pretty quickly.”

Whedon explained why they decided to make Ward a hero in this alternate reality.

“We love Ward. The way that Brett Dalton plays him lives in the gray area. We wanted to do that again. We got used to hating Grant Ward, so it’s a little unsettling to trust him. We wanted to turn things on their head again. What would be more difficult for our team: Facing off against Grant Ward or having to work with him? We felt like the latter was a more interesting story point, and something that we hadn’t done. We’re excited for the audience to see how it plays out.”

Whedon revealed that some familiar faces may be part of the resistance to Hydra.

“That’s a fair assessment. One would assume that you’d recognize one or two people in there. We’ve had a lot of fun breaking these stories. I think it’ll be just as fun for the audience as it was for us to play the game of ‘What If?’”

Whedon discussed Aida’s ultimate goal now that she has assumed the title of Madame Hydra.

“At the end of episode 15, she says to the Superior that she wants to feel all those things that Radcliffe mentions: wonder, joy, love. This appears to be an attempt to do that.”

You can read the full interview with Jed Whedon here.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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