Alan Taylor Explains That Working on ‘Thor The Dark World’ Was “Wrenching”

Alan Taylor has done some notable directing on television including episodes of Game of Thrones, Mad Men, and The Sopranos also recently was at the helm of Terminator Genisys. In an interview with Uproxx, he briefly described his time directing Thor The Dark World for Marvel and his experience seems like it wasn’t a pleasant one.

When asked about his experience he stated

They were very different. I’ve done two [blockbuster movies] and I’ve learned that you don’t make a $170 million movie with someone else’s money and not have to collaborate a lot. The Marvel experience was particularly wrenching because I was sort of given absolute freedom while we were shooting, and then in post it turned into a different movie. So, that is something I hope never to repeat and don’t wish upon anybody else.

Taylor goes on to explain that working on Terminator Genisys was a much better experience:


This was not like that. The story we started telling is essentially the story we finished and are bringing out into the world. But there was a lot of collaboration, as there is going to be on something this big.

This very candid comment shows a different side to working with the juggernaut that is Marvel and in this interview Alan Taylor seems a lot happier about Terminator Genisys than with how Thor The Dark World turned out. Whatever happened behind the scenes is something that we can’t ever really know for sure, but from other comments from other creative talent that has worked with Marvel it is apparent that working for them can sometimes be a challenging and grueling experience.

Terminator Genisys will be released this Wednesday, July 1st.

Source: Uproxx

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