Alan Tudyk Comments On Playing Blue Beetle; Reveals The One Condition To Get Him On Board

Following the reveal that Warner Bros. & DC were developing a “buddy cop” film featuring Booster Gold & Blue Beetle, there’s been quite a bit of discussion about who the studio should get for the lead roles in the film. Personally? I’d love to see a pair like Seann William-Scott and Jake Johnson I’m the role. That’s something I think would be “golden”. Pun intended. However, not long ago actor Nathan Fillion revealed that he’d like to take a swing at the role of Booster Gold.

After the news hit that the film was actually in development, this led to many throwing out Alan Tudyk’s name into the mix for Ted Kord aka Blue Beetle in the film. While speaking with at New York Comic Con, the actor was asked if he’d be interested in the idea. The actor revealed that if his Con-Man & Firefly co-star Nathan Fillion was on board, it’d be enough to get him on board.

Well, that’s great. If it’s working with Nathan, I’m in. Also, being a bug for me? I’d like that. Roly-poly is nice. I’d like to be one of them. That’s what we called them back in Texas, but they’re almost a beetle.

Would you like to see Fillion & Tudyk in a Blue & Gold film? If not, who would you rather see take on the roles? Let us know in the comments section below.

Shawn Madden

Shawn Madden

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