Alden Ehrenreich Talks Meeting Harrison Ford Ahead Of ‘Han Solo’ Film


Alden Ehrenreich has had quite the year. After starring in the Coen Brothers’ latest effort, Hail, Caesar, the actor was catapulted into stardom when he was cast as the young Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars Anthology movie. Ehrenreich is indeed a stranger to big-budget films, however, the actor actually auditioned for a ton of roles in the superhero genre. Back in 2011, Ehrenreich auditioned for Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Marc Webb’s first Amazing Spider-Man, only to then audition 2 years later for Harry Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The actor can currently be seen on screen in Warren Beatty’s latest movie, Rules Don’t Apply, which is receiving some solid reviews. In a new interview with The Wrap, the actor discussed a meeting with Harrison Ford, as well as the casting of Donald Glover.

Of course, everybody wants to see Ehrenreich decked out in Han Solo’s iconic gear more than anything else. The actor has yet to meet with Star Wars: The Force Awakens star Harrison Ford, who played Solo for many years. Ehrenreich anticipates a meeting between the two ahead of the film’s shoot this winter. The actor said:

“I haven’t asked yet but I’m hopeful it will happen. His spirit has been pervasive.”

Ehrenreich then went on to discuss the casting of Lando Calrissian, who will played by Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s Donald Glover:

“He’s wonderful, I think he’s going to do an excellent job. He’s such an interesting guy. He’s a successful standup, comedy writer, show runner, director, actor, rapper — and now Lando.”

By clicking here, you will be sent straight to The Wrap’s website which includes many photos of Ehrenreich who is looking more and more like Han Solo every day.

So, what do you guys think? Are you excited for the upcoming spin-off film? I for one cannot wait to see what 21 Jump Street directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller have in store for us come 2018.

Han Solo hits theatres everywhere in 2018.

Source: The Wrap

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