Alden Ehrenreich Talks More About Boarding The Millennium Falcon


The star of the currently untitled Han Solo Star Wars spin-off film recently spoke to Fandango about what it was like stepping foot on the Millennium Falcon. The young actor playing the young Solo, Alden Ehrenreich, was understandably nervous, but thanks to a Hoosier reference from co-director Phil Lord, the experience wasn’t as scary as Ehrenreich originally imagined.

 Phil Lord made a joke and it turned out, for me, it was not a joke. He said this is like that scene in Hoosiers where [Gene Hackman] takes the kids out to the basket — and I’m gonna botch this line — but he says something like, ‘How many feet up is that basket? Ten feet. And how many feet is it back home? It’s the same.’ [Phil] said that as we were walking up the ramp, and it helped. [Phil] saying that really meant a lot to me, and it clues you in to the fact that this is the same job. This is the job you get to do.

Ehrenreich actually had to audition on the Falcon itself, but he found the experience strangely familiar.

What’s odd about [being on the Millennium Falcon] is that it’s all so familiar. I mean I’ve known it since I was a kid — I played make-believe as a kid, pretending that I was on it. So the fact that I already know the world so well, there’s a comfort in that and a real excitement. I mean I got to work with Chewbacca for my screen test. I can’t think of another form of transportation that is so beloved in film.

Ehrenreich obviously has some big boots to fill, replacing Harrison Ford as the swashbuckling hero, but he obviously understands the responsibility that comes with the role and looks as if he’s going to be very respectful of it. This writer feels that those boots will fit Ehrenreich quite nicely.

The Han-Solo spin-off is set for release on May 25th 2018. It stars Ehrenreich along with Donald Glover as a young Lando Calrissian, and will be directed by Phil Lord & Chris Miller with a script by Lawrence Kasdan.

Sam Easton

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