‘Alien’: Ridley Scott Originally Pitched Ending Featuring Ripley’s Death

Alien introduced audiences to Ellen Ripley, played by Sigourney Weaver, who would become one of cinemas most iconic heroes. However, film history and the Alien franchise as a whole would have unfolded quite differently had director Ridley Scott been able to include his original ending for the classic film. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Scott revealed that he had pitched an ending to the film where Ellen Ripley shared the same fate as her fallen comrades.

Scott shared details on how he envisioned Ripley’s demise.

“I thought that the alien should come in, and Ripley harpoons it and it makes no difference, so it slams through her mask and rips her head off.”

Scott explained that the next shot would have featured the Alien pressing buttons on the dashboard as a callback to an earlier scene.

“It would mimic Captain Dallas [Skerritt] saying, ‘I’m signing off.””

Fortunately, Scott reveals that the studio executives were not thrilled with the idea.

“The first executive from Fox arrived on set within 14 hours, threatening to fire me on the spot. So we didn’t do that [ending].”

It is hard to image the Alien franchise without Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley. The film’s sequel, Aliens, arguably cemented the character’s place in film history as one of the cinemas greatest heroes and while subsequent entries in the franchise were less than stellar, Ripley has still retained a special place in the hearts of fans. Perhaps this can be one of those instances were audiences can be grateful for studio interference?

Alien: Covenant will be released in theaters on May 19, 2017.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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____53a1c8188d461The Alien Franchise has become a massive success ever since the first film was released back in 1979. A small but intimate film that changed horror and sci-fi cinema. The Alien known as the Xenomorph has become a part of the cultural zeitgeist with as much popularity as the greatest horror and sci-fi characters. The Xenomorphs in these films are almost more popular than the films themselves so much so that they have been a part of crossovers with the Predator series as well. With the release of the trailer to Alien: Covenant it is the perfect time to look back at this franchise and see which ones remain the best out of all of them.

This list will not include the Alien Vs. Predator films seeing as they are their own separate crossover series. So without further ado here is are the Alien Films Ranked From Worst To Best!

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