All Of The New ‘The Dark Tower’ Photos And Information From EW Comic-Con Cover Story

Entertainment Weekly cover stories are prime real estate and studios know it. It’s the reason they get a ton of exclusive access and scoops. So it’s a pretty big deal that the Stephen King adaptation The Dark Tower, a strange combination of ambition given the size of King’s magnum opus and caution given the film’s budget, won the space for the special Comic-Con issue with exclusive first looks.

There’s been a ton revealed about the February 2017 film from EW in the last few days, so here’s your resource for the new info, from beginning to end. For previous reports, check out here and here.

  • The film’s budget is $60 million
  • The film begins in Mid-World dramatizing the famous opening line “The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed.”
  • South Africa stood in as Mid-World
  • Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba play the man in black, Walter, and the gunslinger, Roland, respectively.
  • Walter destroyed Mid-World and everything Roland had, sending them both on their quests. Walter wants to bring down the Dark Tower, the nexus point of all possible realities by kidnapping psychics who “shine” from various worlds to break the “beams” that hold up the tower. Roland wants revenge.
  • “In the beginning of the story Roland is kind of a lost soul. All he’s thinking about is killing the Man in Black, his arch nemesis,” [director Nikolaj] Arcel says. “He’s all about revenge. He’s all about trying to track down this man who has hurt him throughout his entire life. Taken away his friends. Taken away like his father, his mother. Everybody. The love of his life… So this is where we find him. He’s a man blinded by the longing for revenge. That’s where Jake finds him.”

  • Roland’s famous six-shooters are forged from Excalibur, the legendary sword of King Arthur
  • If the tower ever falls, Walter’s master, a mad god called the Crimson King, will return and all dimensions will literally go to Hell. The top pic features Roland before an altar dedicated to the Crimson King, the below features him at the beginning of his quest.

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