All Of The New ‘The Dark Tower’ Photos And Information From EW Comic-Con Cover Story

  • The man in black takes a stroll through the Dixie Pig, a den of Taheen, the hidden monsters, vampires and creatures of the world. Needless to say, Walter doesn’t think much of his compatriots.
  • “The Devil’s a handsome man,” McConaughey says. “I’ve seen the pale Devil.” He shakes his head. “No, no, no. I’ve seen the Nosferatic Devil — no. I said, ‘Black suit, black coat — let’s look really sharp.’” Even his spiky hair seems design to impale. “A crow-vibe. We’ve also got some Brian Grazer in there,” he says, referring to The Dark Tower producer. “I said hair back, flames back, full face. I wanted to be completely exposed.”

  • Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor) has a powerful “shine” that gives him dreams and visions of the Dark Tower, red roses and both Walter and Roland. Unfortunately for him, his “shine” not only lets him see out, but lets others, like Walter, to find him.
  • “Everybody around him thinks he’s crazy and he probably even thinks he’s a little bit crazy,” says director and co-writer Nikolaj Arcel. “He’s having visions of this big, grand tower that binds everything and holds all the universes together, and he’s having visions of this one man, Roland, the Gunslinger that’s calling out to him.”

  • One of the portals between worlds Jake discovers is a “decrepit Brooklyn mansion known as Dutch Hill.” The set was rigged by the production team to literally “come alive” upon a person’s entrance, with care made to physics.

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