All Of The New ‘The Dark Tower’ Photos And Information From EW Comic-Con Cover Story

  • It goes without saying Roland and Jake eventually team up after Jake stumbles into Mid-World, but villains being villains, Walter knows how to torment a nemesis: aim at his heart.
  • Jake and Roland take turns playing “fish-out-of-water” in their respective worlds of New York City and Mid-World. Roland is basically a superhero, with an extended lifespan (200 years, according to Elba), superhuman healing and enhanced reflexes.
  • My favorite image is Roland just riding a train with Jake, after Roland returns with the kid to New York sometime in the second or third act.

  • “The single biggest structural conceit is Jake as the point of entry,” he says. “Doesn’t every kid at one point think that the things in the shadows are real? Doesn’t every little boy imagine that there is a world that you can’t quite see?” Goldsman adds. “New York is literally like that. There’s the feeling of a labyrinth behind the face of the city, and I think that’s really consistent with a child’s imagination and the sense of a magical world hiding just beneath the surface.”

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