Alternate Designs For ‘Power Rangers’ Yellow Zord Released

Power Ranger Yellow Ranger ZordFans were eagerly awaiting their first glimpse at the Power Rangers Zords before the film was released, and once we saw them, some were disappointed. Many argued the Zords looked too Transformers like, or their CGI was poor; now alternate designs for the Yellow Ranger’s Zord have been released.


Dean Israelite and visual effects supervisor Sean Faden spoke about what kind of look they were going for with the Zords as well.

“The idea is the Zords are machines that take on the form of the most powerful organisms of the planet they’re on,” director Dean Israelite said.

“We wanted them to feel really organic and biomechanical, and to be their own thing aesthetically because this is all coming from an alien technology that humans don’t have,” Israelite said.

“Dean always saw the Zords as a chance at wish fulfillment for the kids; every child would love to have the feeling of joyriding through their hometown in something massive like that – and we wanted to give them that sensation,” said Sean Faden.

Well, you’ve seen the final product, but click through and let us know if you like these concept designs more in the comments down below.

Power Rangers is now in theaters.

Source: Comicbook


Leon Brill

Leon Brill

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