UPDATED: Amazon Plans ‘The Tick’ SDCC 2017 Takeover

Tick Amazon SDCC TakeoverAmazon is going big for Comic-Con this year as the streaming service is launching its first-ever superhero series with the new reboot of The Tick.

The retail pioneer has yet to lock down a date and time for the actual panel for the new series, however, it has been revealed that a Tick Takeover featuring a multi-room replica of The Tick’s warehouse set and other specific locations from the series is going to be set up across the street from the San Diego convention center from July 20 through July 23. The Tick will be taking over SDCC 2017 from 9:00 am until 6:00 that Thursday through Saturday and from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm that Sunday.

UPDATE: The other specific locations included will be Goat’s Deli, Arthur’s Apartment, and The City Police station. Citizens are invited to join both Arthur and The Tick himself on a challenge-based scavenger hunt as they take down bad guys and prove they can be heroes too all while on sets featuring movie-level design, immersing themselves into the world of The Tick.

In addition to the scavenger hunt, Amazon is also setting up a 20-foot animatronic head of The Tick which will serve as part of a 3D billboard on the corner of 1st and J Street in San Diego. Fans will be able to express the hero’s emotions via controls of the animatronic as well as view the pilot in the Amazon Prime Member Lounge. Attendees will also have the chance to unlock digital badges hidden within the lounge to win exclusive promotional items.

Viral art sensation will also be on hand to create a one-of-a-kind art piece featuring Superian, providing fans with an “Instagrammable” moment from The Tick Takeover. The Most Famous Artist will also be responsible for creating and curating all the graffiti tags seen around The City.

Fans will also be able to call the #TeamTick street team for help when in a bind. Team Tick will be out on the streets of San Diego during SDCC to help the helpless and defend the defenseless. Citizens seeking assistance from the street team need only flag down a member of Team Tick, adorned with the blue antenna, to get help with their distress. Whether it’s assistance with taking a selfie or dealing with a painful blister, Team Tick will be there to help you out.

Based on the ’80s comic book character who was a parody of comic-book superheroes, The Tick is produced by Amazon Studios and Sony Pictures Television. Ben Edlund, Barry Josephson, and Barry Sonnenfeld serve as exec producers.

The series stars Peter Serafinowicz as the titular hero as well as Jackie Earle Haley, Griffin Newman, Valorie Curry, Yara Martinez, Scott Speiser, and Brendan Hines. Here’s the official synopsis:

Bursting with scabrous original storylines that turn on a dime, The Tick is a comedy with kinetic action, a wryly inventive visual style and crisply quotable dialogue. Heroes have flown among us for decades but mild-mannered accountant Arthur Everest (GRIFFIN NEWMAN) one day finds out there are also genuine bad guys in this new Amazon Original Series. He believes he has proof that The City, where he was born and raised, is actually controlled by a global super-villain known as the Terror (JACKIE EARLE HALEY). Destiny soon brings Arthur together with an eccentric, tall, blue-suited muscleman with a mysterious past and list of superpowers: The Tick (PETER SERAFINOWICZ). The title character serves as both the conscience and the unchecked id of the story. Citing the call of destiny, the Tick procures for Arthur a moth outfit with retractable wings and insists that he suit up as his sidekick. He and Arthur are the ultimate odd couple, but may just bring out the best in each other. In their quest to take back The City, the unlikely pair of heroes quickly sees just how complex the struggle between good and evil has become.

The Tick premieres this summer on August 25, however, the pilot which has been directed by Wally Pfister (Transcendence) is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

New Comic Book Shows That Are Coming In 2017-2018

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Comic Book TVThe current TV season is pretty much done as several comic book and superhero TV shows have concluded their respective seasons. All the comic book shows that aired this year will be back for the new TV season with The CW’s The Flash, Supergirl, Riverdale, iZombie, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, with ABC bringing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. back for another season and FOX giving Gotham and Lucifer another go.

FX is also bringing back their new comic book TV hit series with Legion while AMC is bringing back The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead for new seasons, along with their new Vertigo hit Preacher. While the comic book TV landscape is already epic in scope, it’s only going to get bigger next year. The 2017-2018 television season is going to be one of the biggest seasons of all time for comic book adaptations for both DC and Marvel.

To make it a bit easier to keep up with what is coming out next season, we have put together a perfect guide of what new comic book shows are coming to the silver screen. The shows that we have listed are those that have officially been picked up to series and been guaranteed a slot for the 2017-2018 TV season, for both broadcast television, cable and streaming services.

Several of these new comic book shows, while picked up to series, are still in the process of casting their leads as well as getting official premiere dates set. Hit the NEXT button below and let’s go through all the new exciting comic book and superhero television shows that are coming from DC and Marvel.

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