AMC Launching ‘Talking Dead’ Spin-Off With Host Chris Hardwick

Talking Dead
For many fans, part of the Sunday ritual of viewing The Walking Dead includes watching the aftershow series Talking Dead with host Chris Hardwick. Now, AMC has announced the launching of a new hour-long talk show titled Talking With Chris Hardwick that will premiere on Sunday, April 9, the first week after The Walking Dead‘s seventh season finale airs.

While Talking Dead focuses exclusively on The Walking Dead and it’s spin-off titled Fear The Walking Dead, the new talk show will feature host Hardwick along with guests from various areas of pop culture.

President of original programming and development for AMC and SundanceTV Joe Stillerman praised Chris Hardwick and his hosting credentials.

“Chris Hardwick is just the ultimate fan guide, advocate and conversationalist. He took our desire to serve the fans of ‘The Walking Dead‘ with an hour of discussion and analysis following each new episode and turned it into the #1 talk show on television, and a model that has been widely emulated but never quite duplicated, because Chris is the key.”

Stillerman continued:

“Between ‘Talking Dead,’ his podcast and panel moderation at events like Comic-Con, there is just no one better at drawing out guests’ humanity, celebrating content and serving fans. We are looking forward to expanding our relationship with Chris through this new version of ‘Talking’ that will allow him to do what he does best – give our viewers a front row seat to some of the biggest topics in pop culture today and a host who has an incomparable affinity for the content they love.”

Hardwick also made a statement.

“‘Talking‘ will have the skin of ‘Talking Dead,’ the soul of the Nerdist podcast and the guts of a Comic Con panel,” said Hardwick. “I have loved learning how to do a talk show these last six years on ‘Talking Dead,’ but am eager to expand the format into other areas of pop culture.”

Considering genre film and television such as The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and the various Disney-owned properties have dominated pop culture discussions in recent years, it makes perfect sense for AMC to try to keep the conversation going during the hiatus of their hit series.

Talking With Chris Hardwick will air year-round on Sundays at 11:00 pm ET on AMC when Talking Dead is hiatus.

Source: AMC (via Variety)

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