AMC’s ‘Preacher’ Is Not A Direct Comic Adaptation

Fans of the comics should be delighted to see Preacher making its debut on AMC, but they shouldn’t get their hopes up if they were expecting the series to stick closely to the source material. AMC’s Preacher is going to have a very rough and gritty feel to it, maintaining a sense of realism despite the supernatural nature of the violence it portrays. In other words, it’s going to be pretty much what you’d expect from the same network that airs The Walking Dead. According to executive producer Seth Rogen:

“I don’t know that you could translate it directly [from the comic]. Everybody involved felt that we should not—including [comic creator Garth Ennis].”

The hour-long pilot was previewed to reporters this week, the night before cast and producers appeared at the Television Critics Association press tour. Starring Dominic Cooper as preacher Jesse Custer, Ruth Negga as ex-girlfriend Tulip O’Hare, and Joe Gilgun as Irish vampire Cassidy, the pilot definitely maintained certain key aspects of the comics. Even if the series ventures in a slightly different direction, Rogen wanted to strive for some similarity in tone.

“There’s lots of violence and drama, but there’s always comedy throughout. That’s the real challenge and opportunity [Garth has] given us that there’s violence, almost melodrama, but then also we’re trying to make people laugh. We have characters who do really horrific things in one episode and then come back and do really silly things.”

Cassidy is one of the key aspects of this tone, as he’s a little different from the standard televised vampire. According to Gilgun, this is one of the better aspects of being given the chance to portray the character.

“What’s wonderful about Cassidy is he’s been around for so long yet he’s accomplished nothing. He consistently makes terrible decisions… He puts an end to all this sexy vampire business.”

Not only does Gilgun believe this show will appear to fans of the original Garth Ennis comic, but to television viewers in general who have been searching for something new.

“Everybody says they want to see something different. If this isn’t that thing, I don’t know what is.”

If you haven’t seen it yet, feel free to check out the trailer for AMC’s Preacher below. The premiere date for the series is still unannounced, but look for it sometime later this year.

Source: EW

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