An Official Image of The Wasp Prototype Suit in ‘Ant-Man’ has Been Released

The first of the two mid-credits scenes featured in the film has Dr. Pym showing off The Wasp prototype suit to his daughter Hope Van Dyne. When she sees the suit she then proceeds to say “It’s About Damn Time!”

Marvel has now officially released an image of that suit and you can check it out below.

The Wasp is a character that has a huge role in Marvel Comics and was even heavily featured on the animated series Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as one of the Avengers. She is a prominent hero in her own right and always seen alongside Ant-Man.

This scene sets up her role in the future films as one of the new heroes to make an appearance. Even though we probably won’t see her make an appearance in the suit for some time it is still great that we have an official image hinting at something important to come in the next few years.

Source: Marvel

(Christian Michael Stoic)

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