Andrew Kreisberg Talks ‘The Flash’/’Supergirl’ Upcoming Crossover


Worlds are about to collide when The Flash crosses over with Supergirl. The first official promotional video for the crossover has been released. The video is only ten seconds long but does show The Flash/Barry Allen and Supergirl/Kara landing, appear to be coming face to face.

Entertainment Weekly spoke with and Andrew Kreisberg, an executive producer on The Flash and Supergirl about the crossover event and provided new details into the unique episode.

Kresiberg explained that the challenge was that they had to allow Supergirl to be established within her own universe before considering the possibility of a crossover.

“Everybody was on board, because everybody knows that these things are special. If Supergirl and Flash were existing in the same universe, then why has no one on Flash or Arrow ever talked about Metropolis or the fact that there’s a Superman? The one explanation for that is because he doesn’t exist in that world.”

The executive producer went on to say that writing this eposide was unique because of the backgrounds of each character.

“Supergirl has never heard of The Flash and Flash has never heard of Supergirl, so there’s a lot of like, ‘Wait, you’re the who, now? Barry and Kara take a little bit of a leave of their problems for a week to engage in the kind of hilarious high-stakes high jinks that ensue when two super­heroes wind up in the same universe.”

Benoist added that working with The Flash team and having these two characters meet was a wonderful experience.

“What’s so wonderful about these two characters in particular is that they’re so joyful and happy to be heroes. There’s this mutual understanding, respect, and excitement that they found each other.”

This type of crossover indicates the possibility that shows like Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow could also have crossover potential.

The crossover arrives on Monday, March 28th.

Source: Entertainment Weekly 

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  • Fate Jacket X

    I always thought of the flash as LOVING his hero life, but never really got that from SG. I like that the show puts us there. then again, i could’ve just missed it in the books.

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