Andrew Lincoln Talks ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 & Fun

The Walking DeadAfter being sent through the ringer during The Walking Dead season 7, Rick’s group is ready to retaliate. After a small victory during the season 7 finale, Andrew Lincoln says season 8 will be a lot more “fun.”

“I think it’s going to be a lot more fun season eight, pitted against him with a bit more push back.”

Lincoln also spoke about how season 7 pushed him in regards to acting like never before.

“I mean, the thing that I’ve always been so thrilled about playing this role is the writers and the gang at AMC have always been very keen on pushing it in different directions and exploring different areas of who Rick Grimes is, which has been one of the great thrills. This has been one of the more unpleasant aspects of his psyche, this submissive version, but certainly the first eight would be not a pleasant experience but it was a great challenge. A good acting challenge. And certainly I enjoyed having a bit more bite, bit more grit in my belly, sharing scenes with Jeffrey Dean Morgan.”

Well I think all the fans are excited to see the war against Negan continue, but hopefully with a bit less filler.


‘The Walking Dead’ Finale Photos Tease Showdown With The Saviors

The Walking Dead
Warning: The Walking Dead Spoilers Ahead!

The second half of The Walking Dead season seven has been focused on Rick’s efforts to build an army strong enough to take on the saviors and end Negan’s rule. While he has made significant progress gathering arms and allies, the latest episode revealed that Negan has become aware of Rick’s plans and that the leader of the Saviors has something sinister planned to put an end to Rick’s rebellion. Now, AMC has released two new photos from the season finale that suggest the Saviors and Rick’s group will engage in a confrontation outside the walls of Alexandria.

The new photos include the featured image of Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, watching over the gate at Alexandria, while the second image features Josh McDermitt as Eugene Porter and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, seemingly just outside the walls of Alexandria.

You can check out the second image below! Be sure to click “Next” to continue the gallery!


The official synopsis for the The Walking Dead season seven finale reads as follows:

The stakes continue to grow higher as paths cross; the group enacts an intricate plan.

How do you think Rick’s plan will unfold? What does Negan have in store for the Alexandrian’s and their allies? Which character do you think will meet an untimely end, if any? Share your thoughts below!

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