Andy Serkis Unlikely To Return For Amazon’s ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Series

Lord Rings HBOWhen it was announced that Amazon struck a deal to bring The Lord of The Rings to the small screen, the internet reacted the way you would expect the internet to react to such news. Some people loved it, some people hated it. But no matter which side of the coin you fall on, the Amazon-produced show is happening.

While it was unlikely that any of the original movie cast would come back to reprise their roles, Andy Serkis has all but confirmed that he will not be part of the to-be-filmed project. Speaking with Screen Crush, Serkis had this to say about his future in Rings:

“Oh gosh, I have no idea what that’s about, really. I mean, it sounds incredible, but I don’t see myself being any part of it. I don’t think they would – I think it’s a completely fresh, new approach to it all, so I don’t think I’d imagine myself to be anywhere near it really.”

Serkis’s comments aren’t all that surprising considering the only thing currently known about the show is that it will tackle history that happens before the events of The Lord of the Rings. Presumably, Amazon will set the show before The Hobbit as well, because although there is a 60 year time gap between those two stories, some of the most beloved Middle Earth tales can be mined from The Silmarillion (a book that covers the creation of Middle Earth, and up through the events that set in motion The Lord of the Rings).

With no one currently attached to the project, or even a confirmation of what stories the show will follow, what do you think the new show should be about? Are there any Tolkien characters you would like to see be brought to life? Sound off in the comments below!

Source: Screen Crush

10 Characters That Need To Be Avengers In Marvel’s Phase Four

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Avengers Superhero Stories ThriveAvengers: Infinity War arrives this year, and will be followed by a currently untitled fourth Avengers film that will close off Phase 3 and will mark a new chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In Phase 4 it is safe to say audiences will meet a new roster of the Avengers.

Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America have been the pillars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since its inception, as their individual films have guided lead audiences into each Avengers film. But with the next two Avengers film it is safe to say the curtain will set for those three. That means the Avengers as audiences know them will change dramatically. This means the team will need some new members, ones that will make a big impression to fill the shoes of their predecessors.

While the status of other founding members like the Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye and more up in the air right now, part of the fun in the Avengers comics is the ever-changing roster. The latest roster for the Avengers needs to make a statement. This isn’t the same old Avengers, this is the beginning of a new chapter. Some characters should be upgraded, others will take center stage as the new tentpole franchises, and the Avengers will be new.

Here are the ten characters that should make up the roster for Marvel’s New Avengers. Click Next to get started!

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