An R-Rated Animated ‘Watchmen’ Film Is In Development

watchmen animated filmOne Watchmen adaptation isn’t good enough for Warner Bros., who are now in development on an animated film. The animated version will be rated R, and supposedly be a faithful adaptation.

This information was revealed from a recent “A-List Community” survey Warner Bros. recently sent out. They were asking subscribers to rank interest in purchasing this made-for-video project. In the survey description, the released the following info:

“A faithful adaptation of the Watchmen graphic novel executed in an animation style that mirrors the source material (Anticipated MPAA R rating).”

So it appears the film will be similar to the adaptations of Dark Knight Returns and The Killing Joke, which both used the original comic’s art-styles.

Hopefully, the animated film can more closely follow the original comic than Zack Snyder’s live-action adaption. While there are certainly fans of Snyder’s film, personally I’d hope the animated version is a little more engaging as well.

Alan Moore, one of the Watchmen co-creators, is likely none too happy about this decision. Moore has been extremely outspoken about his disdain for any further Watchmen stories or adaptations. He once said he’d be “spitting venom all over” the Snyder film on its release.

Are you excited for more Watchmen? What do you hope to see in the animated version? Let us know in the comics down below!

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A few weeks ago, the sci-fi horror film Life hit theaters. The tale of an unstoppable alien stalking a group of heroic astronauts on the International Space Station had the right amount of terror, intrigue and characters. We here at Heroic Hollywood liked it. One thing about the movie that was awesome was its ending. It’s been a few weeks, so most of you all probably know, but the alien ends up being the victor, killing the crew and assumingly conquers planet Earth. Life continues the fun trend of when the villains in the movie win.

This makes you think… what about other times where the villain actually wins? In the world of heroes who constantly face insurmountable odds and almost always end up being the victor (after all, who wants it for the good guy to not be triumphant?), there have been a few times many films based on comic book properties where the villain is actually the victor, even when they lose.

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Leon Brill

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  • Matt

    Get it together, HH.

    Alan Moore. ALAN MOORE will be “spitting venom”. Dave Gibbons is happily collecting the royalty checks.

  • I could see this if it tells the tales of the Watchmen starting from the time that Dan Dreiberg replaced Hollis Mason as Nite Owl during the mid-60s.

    • And btw, I’d say go ahead and give us some new stories set in the same time period as the Before Watchmen comic series which tells how the Watchmen came together and their exploits until the 1977 Keene Act outlawed “masks.”.

  • Fenix

    Why? You have the live action movie and the motion comic.

  • Aaaand cue the outrage from Alan Moore LMAO