Anthony Mackie Believes ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Is Relevant To Modern Politics

No, there’s no comments here about a certain superhero film for you to overreact about. Just actor Anthony Mackie speaking a bit about his appearance in next year’s highly-anticipated Captain America: Civil War. There’s no doubt that The Russos made Captain America: The Winter Soldier very relevant to the politics of modern times. When the actor was asked if the film would be as well, Mackie said that it’s “very much so”

I feel like Captain America is all about the ups and downs of the society that we live in today. It’s really genius how Marvel can take fictional characters — superheroes at that — and then take the politics of today and wrap them all together and make you believe and buy into it.

When Mackie was asked by the site about what was great about taking the character from the pages to the big screen, the actor believes that “the amazing thing about the character of Sam Wilson is seeing kids find themselves in that character.” He continued on stating that whenver he meets “a kid, or an adult, and they say, ‘Oh, my God — I was going through this, or I was dealing with that, and when I read the comic book or I saw you in the movie, it made everything make more sense,’ or, ‘I feel like I can do that, now.’ It’s kind of icing on the cake.” Let us know what you think about Mackie’s comments in the box below.

Source: CBR

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