Anthony Mackie Leaves ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Set As Chris Evans Arrives

Avengers Infinity WarLooks like the two best buds, Falcon and Captain America, won’t be sharing all their screentime together. During the lengthy Scotland shoot of Avengers: Infinity War, Anthony Mackie is departing set just as Chris Evans arrives.

The Edinburgh, Scotland shoot has seen several heroes appear with Vision and Scarlet Witch sighted a couple weeks ago. It may be most surprising though that Mackie is leaving as Evans arrives as the two are linked. Falcon serves as Captain America’s sidekick of sorts, so we wonder if the two will be diverging more in the upcoming film.

Evan’s reported arrival was revealed by The Scottish Sun, as he began partying in Edinburgh. Evans still has yet to shave for his role, but he’ll undoubtedly be doing it shortly. Mackie’s departure though was revealed through his own Twitter where he posted about wrapping the Scotland shoot.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on May 4th, 2018.

Source: Screenrant

5 Ways Marvel Studios Could Follow & Top ‘Infinity War’

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Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios has been building towards a massive confrontation with Thanos since 2012 in The Avengers.  Now that Earth’s Mightest Heroes, and the Guardians of the Galaxy, are finally gearing up to take him down, it seems Marvel is in a bit of a quandary. Obviously they’re not going to just give up on the most successful film franchise of all time, so where do they go from there?

Well, comic fans, you’ve come to the right place for answers. Marvel has a lot of stories to choose from over their 75 year history, but not all of them are right for the big screen. Also, some of our favorite Marvel characters, like Wolverine or the Fantastic Four, have their film rights owned by rival studios, meaning we shouldn’t expect to see them team up with Iron Man or Captain America any time soon.

So, hit the Next button to find out what Marvel Studios should do after Avengers: Infinity War!

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Leon Brill

Leon Brill

Leon Brill is a staff writer for Heroic Hollywood, superhero/comic enthusiast, gamer, and film lover.

  • Keiran S-C

    if this was DC the article would spin this into a massive negative for no reason and the title would have read “actor storms off stage as another arrives, dc heroes refuses to work together”. or something similar

    Just Saying 😛

    • Marquis de Sade

      Projectin’ much?

      • Keiran S-C

        yeah its a ridiculous comment right? same goes for the hate articles :)

        • Marquis de Sade

          Those anti-dceu conspiracy voices you hear in your head are not your friends, Keiran, but a kindly reminder to take your daily dose of Lithium.

          • Keiran S-C

            ahaa that insult xD so hurtful 😛 ppl deny it but its true.

            i literally read an article the other day which claimed the DC cast had lost hope with the franchise and were in talks about leaving and how they didnt plan on any future films.

            How(and get this) “Affleck will be attempting to redeem himself as the caped crusader” with the up and coming standalone movie if it ever comes to pass.

            There’s plenty of bullsh*t hate articles its silly to bury your head in the sand and pretend these sites dont have a bias :)

          • Marquis de Sade

            Kieran, it’s only bullshytt if it’s unwarranted…even you have to admit dceu is 0 for 3. You accusing me and others of burying our heads in the sand is the epitome of PROJECTING. 2017 is dceu’s do or REBOOT year…expect dceu to pull a page from Berlanti-Verse by goin’ full FLASHPOINT after the expected jla financial implosion to TABULA RASA dceu and replace it with their tried n’ true comfort zone, the batverse.

          • Keiran S-C

            your opinion on the DCEU just goes to show how the mcus fans actually believe all the hate articles they read simply because the films dont agree with their taste in movies, they somehow trick themselves into thinking they are justified while seeing their preferred franchise in a glorified bubble.

            “0 for 3” haha xD << thanks for proving my point. how ridiculous! can you be xD
            MoS has to be one of the best superhero movies to date and BvS easily tops any mcu film. SS is the only one lacking and it was essentially GOTG with more indepth leads and a better written ending even if it was still lousy, nothing is worse than a dance off and holding hands lol xD as im sure you agree.

            Your understanding of the DCEU current position seems completely skewed by the type of articles im referring to, the DCEU has infact earnt a considerable amount more! than the mcu had at this point in their franchise and absolutely nothing points towards their ticket sales slowing down, infact they have increased with each film.
            The ONLY negative has been critic response and if we are being truthful with each other no one puts any stock in critics.

          • Marquis de Sade

            You should increase your daily dosage of lithium. s.s. did less than bvs…and “NO!”, dceu hasn’t done no where near as much as MCU. What part of bizarro world do you reside?

          • Marquis DC Sade

            2.3 billion for the first three DCEU films, remove your head from your a** bargain brand Marquis.

          • Keiran S-C

            and how many films did it take for the mcu to cross 2 billion? 4. meaning DC has earnt more at this stage than the mcu had.

            5 if we start on incredible hulk as most mcu fans include it in the mcu

            still all this aside my original comment stands

          • Marquis DC Sade

            I’m with ya brother, check the username, that other douche is a fraud.

          • Keiran S-C

            wow i was so confused for like 5 minutes there hah srry :)

          • Keiran S-C

            ah i thought i read it had crossed BVS, or well still made over quadruple what it cost to make. only mcu fans can turn that into a negative.

          • Keiran S-C

            your prediction of the future flashpoint narrative scenario is hilirious why would they reset a multi billion dollar franchsie with a ridiculoulsy large fan base ??

            as the flashes cameo in BvS foreshadows a similar event to infinite crisis/final crisis/flashpoint is unfolding and being told in a traditional DC fashion. so its not much of a prediction that the time line will be changed since it has already happened lol….. they however will not wipe the slate clean as you say since their current characters and universe is nothing other than brilliant! even if its not to your taste.

            The franchise is simply more compelling and interesting than the MCU. I mean everyone whos seen any mcu film knows what infinity war is going to be… big mustache twirling bad guy turns up, heros fight one another(already done in the cringy CW airport fight), heroes come together to fight the common enemy in a barrage of cringy one liners and non stop comical acrobatics while even the big bad guy joins in on the jokes only to be comically overpowered and usually killed. Then the heroes will go for swhama or stan lee will come aknocking with a parcel for mr.stank and inevitably create yet another anti climactic ending to a comedy/action superhero film.

            Talk about a comfort zone, more like beating an old dog while the fans eat it up and ignore the plot holes or identical characters all based on starks persona…

          • Fenix

            I’m just going to leave this here

          • Keiran S-C

            cba watching it.

            all this aside my original comment stands before Marquis DC Sade started twisting it into a “marvel vs dc convo”

          • 39steps

            Where is this article you speak of?

          • Keiran S-C
          • 39steps

            The article gives a true timeline of events regarding the Batman movie. What’s your problem with it?

          • Keiran S-C

            The article trys to make out its giving a fair impression then squeezes in a quick jab at one of the actors, dc or warner bros and tries to justify it with rumors by pretending they are facts when the writer has no knowledge if they are true or false. The overall tone is unnecessarily harsh and constantly assumes the worst when everything points to the opposite.

            Keeping in mind that the film wasnt even in talks until after the release of BVS and what, several months after it has already found its director and gone through a number of drafts to find the narrative which will best fit Affleck Batman. The actor had aspirations to direct and perform but its to no one surprise that the workload is simply too much for any one person to handle especially with the actor filming other movies besides JL and cameos in future dc films he also went through a divorce in 2017 and is in some sort of AA program. So passing on directing and allowing someone else to take the mantle is in no way a negative.

            Now here are a few quotes from the article:
            opening lines: “Ben Affleck’s stand-alone Batman movie has been in trouble for quite some time and there’s no sign it’s getting any better.

            A flurry of news in recent days have led to more concerns that the cast may not stay together and the film is in worse shape than people thought” trouble for quite some time??? no sign its getting any better???? it been like a year since the film started being talked about and they have found a director.

            “He originally signed on to write, direct and star in it, but in the past few months he has dropped out of the writing and directing roles. He’s still scheduled to play Batman, but he doesn’t seem enthusiastic about it. Co-star Joe Manganiello seems to be in the same boat”
            This is simply untrue he has shown nothing but enthusiasm for the role and is eager to begin, same goes for joe manfaniello. I never read he signed on to direct or write only that he wanted to and i have already addressed why he isnt and how that is in no way a negative

            “Paired with a delay in development to accommodate new director Matt Reeves’ post-production schedule on War for the Planet of the Apes, it appeared the Batman movie came with a large number of issues that needed addressing.”
            Again this is unnecessarily harsh and twisted into a negative, the movie probably did go few a couple of drafts while they were finding the right style and plot as every film does but no one has ever said the script was finished atall, Affleck himself has said theirs no time pressures and he is willing to wait for the script to be finished and polished before they begin filming, yet according to this article this somehow means the movie has been delayed and is all up in the air…. i dont understand the logic here. This article somehow twists the fact the film found its director fairly quickly and how he has come into the role prepared with a clear goal in mind as a massive negative, with nothing to support that opinion.

            “the cast is unsure of what’s going on and, perhaps most importantly, it seems like Warner Bros. is determined to make a movie that no one is interested in.” This comment speaks for itself and i have already mentioned how the assumption of the casts opinions has no evidence. Needles to say the writer gives me the impression he is peeved the actors arnt discussing a project they have signed NDAs for openly in every interview they go to.

            “As it stands, the film has a director with a nervous cast and no script” this is untrue the film has had a couple of drafts and a confident director is on board with a set goal in mind. The cast are overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the role nothing indicates otherwise.

            “Production on the movie has been pushed back to 2018, making it very unlikely that it will be released before 2019” I think another quote from this article shows why this is not a negative, if true at all:

            “Affleck said he was taking his time with the project.”
            “But it’s not a set thing and there’s no script,” Affleck said. “If it doesn’t come together in a way I think is really great I’m not going to do it.” Afflecks comments alone show he is eager to make a good film and has no time pressures, warner brothers never set a date for The Batman movie unless im mistake and are continuing on schedule with the films they have announced.

            and the whole article wraps up on “There’s still time for the studio to figure out what it wants The Batman to be, and more importantly, time for Affleck to redeem himself as the caped crusader.”
            This one sounds abit like nitpicking but it highlights my overall point: The writer phrases his words to make it sound like the film is rushing to meet its deadlines with a backwards positive “still time” gives the reader the impression of limited time whereas if he phrased his words like this “there is plenty of time left for the studio to find a style which fits Afflecks Batman best” leaves a more positive impression of the films current standing and tbh is more truthful to the facts in this case.

            and to claim Affleck needs to redeem himself as the caped crusader is just a ludicrous statement especially one to end your article on, he is renowned as one of the best actors to don the cape and is fast becoming the greatest to date.

            This whole article and so many others are all expecting the film to have a script polished and finished, have found the right director and began production in less than a year of it being thought about. and apparently the fact they are not rushing into production with half an idea is a negative… why was this not the case with say Thor 2? if im not mistaken the film lost its director/writers after beginning or about to begin production and she is now wrapping up on Wonder Woman. Should this not have receive more negative articles and constant criticisms on the quality of the film and the plan marvel had going wildly astray and how they are “determined to make a film no one wants to see”?. Thor 2 was far! worse off yet somehow finding a director and polishing a script long before beginning production as they have done with The Batman receives far more criticism.

            Its obvious the bias these types of news sites have when it comes to reporting on the 2 franchises, if DC find a director before a film is even close to beginning they will criticise the decision as “no set plans” “delayed production” “actors unsure whats going on” ect ect
            If marvel have a director actually walk out on them after starting a film then these sites hardly report it and when they do its passed off as a positive decision to help create a better film which fits their style. O_o

            This is how you report such issues without a bias:

            lol ending an article on ” time for Affleck to redeem himself as the caped crusader” still makes me cringe how poor of an article it is xD

          • Axxell

            So much whining. Even when all those rumors about problems with the script and Affleck dropping out of directing came true (no matter how you try to spin it).

            Like a broken record, all I hear DC fanboys doing is attacking people whenever someone writes about negative rumors on DC, and pretending that unless it comes from the mouth of WB (or it’s positive), then it’s a sin to speak about it.

          • Keiran S-C

            Your comment is so ignorant and hypocritical that it’s amusing, to complain about me whining or attacking someone when the article itself does exactly that!
            All I see is mcu fanboys posting article after article each day trying their upmost to give a negative impression of the DCEU with no facts to back them up only rumours, they are not simply reporting on current rumours in the industry they are using them to push negative views.

            As is evident in this article”warner brothers seem determined to make a film no one wants to see.” “Afflek will be attempting to redeem himself as the caped crusader” that is not reporting that is bit*hing which you are essentially complaining to me about. Difference is I don’t go writing articles making nonsense up. All my points in that comment are spot on and true. I never claimed affleck hadn’t dropped out of those roles I stated why it wasn’t surprising and that it was expected.

            I even gave an example article which reported on the Thor director being fired in a fair manner with no bias for comparison to prove how this article is just “attacking” DC. If he had just reported on the rumours (good or bad) than fair dos he’s passing on info to fans but that is not what he wrote and its mor*nic to pretend otherwise.

            It’s ironic that you’re more concerned with me doing the same as the writer in a comment section instead of adressing the article, I’m guessing this is because you don’t enjoy the DC films and this somehow makes it ok for these kind of pages to talk sh*t but it’s not ok when the fans pull them up on it.

          • Axxell

            The difference is that they’re criticizing the mistakes WB has made (mistakes that have led to the DCCU disappointing so many people).

            You on the other hand, are just criticizing them for criticizing WB/DC…which they fully deserve for messing it up at this stage of the game; WB is not an indie studio that just started making comic book movies…you want writers to turn a blind eye and paint a rosey picture of the DCCU, even as it habitually loses directors with just 3 widely panned films under their belt. That’s ignorance. Negative decisions beget negative products and reactions. Don’t expect praises (or silence as you’d have it) for shoddy work…

            Do you seriously think that Ben Affleck is happy with the way BvS turned out? You need to be in some serious denial to believe that after seeing his reaction to critics’ reviews. Especially since Daredevil, which he now admits was lackluster. Anyone can see Ben’s body language and measured words when he talks about BvS is not of a person who’s satisfied after a job well done. You can tell he genuinely cares about his work, and for multiple reasons beyond his control, his name is being associated with bad comic book movies. The fact you’re raising a stink about the author saying Ben was looking to redeem himself, shows that you’re the one who’s b¡tching here.

            Regardless of whether it was expected or not, my point about Ben dropping out of the director role is to show you that a lot of those rumors you rail against writers for talking about, have actually been validated, despite your attempts to discredit them. Despite your exception to the criticism of WB, the fact is, there’s enough evidence there to believe the rumors are likely to be true and that they’re NOT “making nonsense up”…arguing the reasons or if it was expected, is just a distraction technique to avoid acknowledging the fact that they were real and that their sources are credible enough to pay attention to.

            Yes, the Thor article was reported in a fair manner…just like the Batman one was; the difference in tone is due to the fact that, as the articles themselves point out, Marvel has produced a steady barrage of hits, whereas DC has not. Marvel losing a few directors over 15 movies is not noteworthy news considering their undeniable success. DC losing just as many in the span of 3 panned films should be concerning to a neutral observer. Like I said, negative products beget negative reactions.

            And no, the writer of this article didn’t even mention DC, much less rush to a completely unrelated article to wet his panties over a made up bias charge. So you are NOT doing the same thing as the writer.

          • Keiran S-C

            DC and Warner brothers created made MoS that is one of the best superhero movies ever made easily you are kidding yourself if you refuse to see that. BvS was fantastic, i dont know why youre trying to make out its terrible when that simply isnt true. The majority of people either casually enjoyed it or loved it as the ratings support (not that ratings or critic responce matter to anyone but the movie has around 6.5 – 7/10 on imdb which is the most reliable of those kind of sites)

            Affleck has shown nothing but enthusiasm for the franchise and the batman film i am yet to hear or see him do anything which shows him having a negative opinion of BVS or any other part of the franchise. It sounds like the only thing you’re basing your views on Afflecks demeanor off of is that random sad affleck meme and nothing else.

            Im not saying dont report on the rumors im saying dont bit** about the franchise while you do it and then try use rumors to back up ridiculous accusations such as the quotes i gave in my last comment, if there’s a negative rumor then pass it on show a few sources and speak about the possibilities of it happening, but dont start slating a franchise and pretending you’re a an unbiased writer it just shows how big of a fan boy they are for the mcu as no fair critic, dc fan or not, would say affleck needs to redeem himself as the caped crusader its just a ridiculous thing to say.

            LMAO that batman article was bull**** and you know it, you are kidding yourself if you actually convinced yourself its a fair article, hah i cba reading anything after that nonsense. you’re claiming an article which states warner brothers are trying to make a film no one wants to see and affleck needs to redeem himself as batman is a fair article xDXDXD gd one.

            It seems like marvel are determined to continue delivering identical lackluster movies which only appeal to the simplest of audience. – Robert downy Jr will be taking the mantle of iron man once again in a last ditched attempt to prove whether or not he can portray the character accurately <<<<< soo thats a fair comment to make right? xD (rhetorical)

    • Worldmind

      Wow, there’s always one crybaby twisting a harmless Marvel article into “unfair DC-bashing” for absolutely no reason… LMAO I really don’t understand

      • Keiran S-C

        aha xD its so true though thats the gd part

        • Bruce Norris

          Question: Artists and athletes are making more money now than ever before. This is a direct result of what the ones that came before accomplished. Someone has to “blaze the path”.

          You said, DC has made more money than Marvel had at this point in their development. Do you think this is a direct result of what Marvel accomplished? Have audiences been “primed” for these type of films due to the efforts of Marvel and DC is reaping the benefits?

          If what you say is true, could that be why DC is more lucrative “on paper”?

          • Marquis DC Sade

            DC has been doing big box office numbers with CB movies since the 70’s, long before anyone took them seriously.

          • Bruce Norris

            Like I said, that money was not what it is now. Does DC have Marvel to thank for that?

          • Marquis DC Sade

            I credit the steady increase in the quality of CB films since 2000 and the growing Chinese box office. Can you give the MCU credit for the huge success of Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy or the DK trilogy?

          • Axxell

            Why? Those movies were focused on one character; nowhere near as complex as the cinematic universe Marvel Studios built.

          • Marquis DC Sade

            There’s nothing “complex” about what Marvel did, they stitched together disparate stories that had nothing to do with each other using post-credit scenes.

            Snyder has told one continuous story since MOS. Superman has been the impetus for everything that has happened in the DCEU, even the formation of the Suicide Squad. That requires more thought and creativity then “Hey look, Nick Fury is in this one too!”

          • Axxell

            And yet every DCCU movie has sücked…even when Marvel gave them the blueprint for a cinematic universe.

          • Marquis DC Sade

            Haha what I’d say is the worst DCEU film, Suicide Squad, made almost 750 mil without a China release, more then Dr. Strange BTW. It’s also the highest selling Blu-ray of 2017 thus far. You know, because people can think for themselves and don’t need critics to tell them what movies to watch. The DCEU’s 2.3 billion should make that clear. Keep stating opinions as facts though, because I know you DESPERATELY need to believe the BS you spout.

          • Axxell

            LOL! Your argument is so weak, you had to compare Suicide Squad to Marvel’s low hanging fruit of Doctor Strange, when the truth is, even the BEST DCCU film couldn’t beat Captain America: Civil War.

            FACT, not opinion.

          • Marquis DC Sade

            Low hanging fruit lol, if Dr. Strange had made more money you’d be propping it up like some huge accomplishment because he’s a C list character. Kevin Feige was so worried about getting shown up by BvS that he turned a Cap sequel into an Avengers movie with Spider-Man. Should I be impressed that the well established franchise only beat the critically panned BvS by throwing every character they could into a movie? I’m not. Oh and here’s the quote from one of the Russo’s…

            ‘Our pitch to them was: People will tell you they love chocolate ice cream — until you give it to them five days a week. It’s time to give them some rainbow sherbert. [Kevin Feige] said he thought we might be right. And after they announced Batman v. Superman, he said, ‘you guys
            are absolutely right.’ We needed to do something challenging with the material or we were going to start to lose the audience.”


          • Axxell

            LMFAO! That quote actually PROVES the concept of Civil War was done BEFORE the date for BvS was announced…But we do know that WB/DC lost the game of chicken when they announced BvS for the exact same date Marvel had for CA3, only to pull back when they saw Marvel didn’t blink…LOL! Everyone knows the entire DCCU was a reaction to the Avengers!

          • Marquis DC Sade

            Who cares about the date dummy, the very announcement caused Marvel to change their plans. And duh, the Universal Monsterverse, the talk about a G.I. Joe/Transformers crossover … all because Marvel started the shared universe trend. Guess what? DC is making money doing it, so who cares?

            Your “game of chicken” was an unnecessary risk that would have hurt both films, so instead of measuring d*cks with Marvel they made the smart play. These aren’t prepubescent boys like yourself, they’re business people.

          • Axxell

            LOL! Really? They were the ones who picked the same date they knew Marvel already had, so if anybody here is a “prepubescent boy” looking to measure d¡cks is WB.

            The point is, Marvel has changed the industry, and the evidence of their success is in the insane amount of money they’re raking in, while everyone else (including DC) is tripping over themselves trying to imitate their business model. Yes, DC is making money…can you admit that they have to thank Marvel for opening up the market and showing them the way? I like how you want to believe so hard that DC is the trendsetter and that Marvel is reacting to them, but when I point out all the copycats emerging after the MCU, “who cares?”…right?

          • Marquis DC Sade

            I already stated above that Marvel set the trend, that doesn’t change the fact that Civil War was a direct reaction to BvS. I have no problem giving them credit where credit is due or acknowledging their success. You’re the one lurking around DC threads trying to bait people. Why so much anger toward the “losing team”? Did a DC fan “touch” you as a boy? Show me on the Batman where he touched you Axx-hole.


          • Axxell

            This is how dumb you are…The article is all about Marvel stuff; it doesn’t even mention DC in passing…and yet here you are acting like anybody but you and your girl Keiran (who at least was smart enough to see he was embarrassing himself), is butting into a Marvel conversation to cry about how people being mean to little DC…LOL!

          • Keiran S-C

            that is a stretchh and a half if marvel blazed the path than xmen blazed the path for both franchises, marvels entire netflix universe is only so popular because of smallville in that case. Bales trilogy set the tone of todays DCEU. and if thats the case than older batman series set the tone for bale which in turn set the tone for LOGAN ect ect

            a combined universe with standalones working into a combined film was inevitable! xmen had already split off into wolverine with him repeatedly coming back into the main universe and DC had planned to do this with green lantern if im not mistake.

            no, after MoS it was clear the DCEU is on the opposite side of the spectrum for superhero movies to the MCU and with all the hate articles(which my original comment was about not a mcu vs dc whos earnt more contest) the DCEU has faced much stricter and harsher critique because people expect more from superhero movies these days, the fact that the mcu is present only makes creating a combined universe more difficult as the new franchise has to fight against the audience expectations of what this kind of franchise should be and that shows in the majority of the medias response.

            for example lets say the mcu didnt kill off a speedster with bullets… and pretend DCEU did, the media would crucify them on not knowing a thing about superheros but as that is not the case it was passed off as no big deal. << stuff like that is proof of how bias these kind of articles and pages are when reviewing the 2 franchises

          • Marquis DC Sade

            Now he’s bringing up your name in other threads…


          • Keiran S-C

            that is amazing xD thx for letting me know