Anthony Mackie Says Ben Affleck Was The Best Part of ‘Batman v Superman’

attends Marvel's "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" premiere at the El Capitan Theatre on March 13, 2014 in Hollywood, California.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was subject to mixed reviews from critics and fans. What was almost universally agreed upon was the fact that Ben Affleck was one of the highlights of the film portraying Bruce Wayne/Batman.

The praise is even coming from Marvel and Team Captain America. Anthony Mackie during an interview while promoting Captain America: Civil War, agreed that Ben Affleck was the best part of Batman v Superman.

“The interesting thing about that interview, that whole conversation I was saying how much I liked the character of Superman, and how I liked the old Superman, and how it deterred from that line, but after seeing Batman V Superman, I’m very glad they brought it back. I feel like, I said, with your friend who cut that to make it look like I said that, which I didn’t, but anybody will do anything. When I saw that movie I was really excited about it because I said Ben Affleck would be the perfect Superman, I mean Batman, and when you see the movie he is the best thing about the movie, he shines as Batman.”

As previously reportedCaptain America: Civil War is eyeing a $175M opening weekend but it’s looking like the film is about to open much higher than early predictions. According to Fandango, the upcoming film is outselling all previous Marvel Studios films and has even sold more tickets two weeks ahead of it’s release than the The Avengers did at this point.

Source: Comicbook

Chelsea Lewis

Chelsea Lewis

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  • Technofied

    I don’t believe I am saying this but I completely agree with Sabastian, it is hard sometimes for people get past the previous characters. I am there will be a time to pass the torch to someone else and RDJ will have to step down as Iron Man or, hugh jackman will step down as Wolverine and the torch will be passed to someone else but mind you, there will always be a percentage of people who won’t accept someone else playing those characters. I know people who didn’t watch Batman V Superman just because of the fact that bale wasn’t playing batman anymore and they hate to see Affleck and they had already formed their opinion without watching the movie.

    It’s It’s ironic, but it’s a fact and they’re both right.

    Coming from a hardcore DC Fan and I am really happy how Marvel Studios and actors are coming forward to praise the competition. Just last night, Russos admitted that Batman V Superman inspired Civil war and props to Snyder for having the balls to pit the two icons against each other. Accept it or, don’t. it was a ballsy move!

    • Math

      …and Bale replaced George Cloney who replaced Val Kilmer who replaced Michael Keaton who replaced Adam West… Why did some people had a problem with Affleck replacing Bale, but they did not have a problem with Bale replacing which ever previous actor played the part before?

      I think it’s relative. If the new actor really shines in the part, people will let go of previous interpretations and accept this new one. I love Henry Cavill, but I don’t think he shines in the part as much as Christopher Reeve did. Maybe it’s the the movies themselves more then the actual actor. I remember people complaining that Heath Ledger could never replace Jack Nicholson as the Joker… Look how that turned out.

      I think if the new actor stepping in finds a way to shine in that role, people will jump on. If his performance is just OK, then that’s when people start saying they preferred Christopher Reeve or Chritian Bale or RDJ or Hugh Jackman or whoever.

    • Axxell

      Err…I don’t think the Russos said what you think they said. BvS was not an inspiration for Civil War, but rather a vindication of what they had already pitched to Feige. Marvel has been pitting heroes against each other since the first Avengers movie.

      • Technofied

        lol, while they were shooting winter soldier? You’re kidding me, right?

        • Axxell

          What are you talking about?

          • Technofied

            Captain America: Winter Soldier Release Date: April 4, 2014

            Batman V Superman was announced long before in June 2013 during San Diego Comic Con while the Russo Brothers had their hands full in development of Winter Solider =)

          • Axxell

            Again, they aren’t talking about the aspect of pitting heroes against the other, because that’s certainly not a concept that BvS introduced. They were clearly referring to the release of the movie this year, when everyone got to see what WB had made. The final product is what the Russos pointed at as vindication of the ideas (again, not the vs stuff) that they pitched to Feige during production.

          • Technofied

            It’s fine by me if you wanna fool yourself but you’re clearly misquoting their words. They said, that Fiege wouldn’t have approved the idea if not for BVS. BVS inspired Fiege’s decision on Civil War. The movie wasn’t even conceived back then.

          • Axxell

            Whatever you say man. I’m not the one fooling himself when the fact is that Marvel has been leading the game for DC since 2008. If you wanna fool yourself into thinking DC is the one dictating where the Marvel Universe goes, knock yourself out. But the box office and critical reviews tell a story that doesn’t match your narrative.

    • Ericakmason1

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  • Radar Technician Matt

    Wait.. Mackie and Sebastian stopped bashing DC in interviews and actually said something nice? Good good.

    • Shawlaa

      Mackie was baited by Frosty’s stupid “Marvel or DC” question (to which Frosty has since apologized) while Sebastian was responding to Zack Snyder’s tasteless ‘flavour of the week’ barb. Mackie in subsequent interviews mentioned how he was a fan of batman. But, hey… peace between rivals is no good for Clickbait artists so naturally most sites didn’t care to carry that.

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  • arun kumar

    Isnt it fishy they stop bashing just before civil war releases and start
    praising batman. Oh they want dc fanboys to watch their movie. Oh ok.

    • Axxell

      I think they just feel sorry for how much BvS got thrashed…