The CW’s Archie Comics Television Universe Expands With ‘Sabrina’ Spin-Off

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Riverdale, a Twin Peaks-influenced take based on Archie, kickstarted a shared universe that reimagined that characters of the Archie Comics brand. Now, a second show in the setting will reimagine Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a supernatural horror tale, taking influence from the acclaimed Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that the new series, showrun by Riverdale‘s Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and executive produced by Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, Jon Goldwater, and Lee Toland Krieger, will be a dark coming-of-age story concerning the exploits of Sabrina Spellman as she deals with her high school life and her growing magical abilities, along with the supernatural events that surround her hometown of Greendale. When pressed for details, Aguirre-Sacasa noted that he hopes the Archie setting can further expand on television:

“One of the nice things about me being a part of Archie Comics is having access to a library of 4,000-5,000 characters – Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Josie and the Pussycats … those are characters who can very easily support their own show. But we [also] have superheroes. So in success, yes, the goal is to expand that way.”

The show’s pilot will be directed by Krieger, and as of yet, a full season has not been ordered. At the current time, the series is being referred to as a “companion series”, and it isn’t specified whether or not it will take place in the same universe as Riverdale or if it will be its own thing. However, knowing that the CW likes to emphasize that their DC television shows can cross over, don’t be surprised if this ends up happening.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is in development.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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