Newly Discovered ‘Arkham Knight’ Easter Egg Connects To The DCEU

Batman Arkham Knight Man of Steel DC DCEUA very clever Reddit user pointed out an Easter egg in the Batman: Arkham Knight video game that references a character created for the DCEU.

All of Rocksteady’s Batman games contain hundreds of awesome Easter eggs and references. So, it’s no surprise that fans are still finding some hidden within the last entry into the franchise. Arkham Knight was released almost three years ago, but Reddit user “DemonicVeteran” noticed a reference to a character that first appeared in Man of Steel within the game’s dialogue:

I found an EASTER EGG from Arkham Knight mentioning Glen Woodburn, Internet Blogger from Metropolis and DC Extended Universe Character! from BatmanArkham

You may remember Glen Woodburn as the internet blogger that Lois Lane gave the Superman story to after The Daily Planet refused to print it. Woodburn’s role in the DC films is minor, but it’s interesting to see a character created for the films be included in other forms of DC media. If you haven’t played Arkham Knight yet, you are missing out. The game is not only one of the best superhero video games of all time, it’s one of the best Batman stories. DC fans have plenty of cool Easter eggs like this to hunt down and they’re all equally exciting.

Did you notice this Easter egg? Do you have any favorite Easter eggs from Arkham Knight?  Let us know down in the comments!

6 Actors To Play Penguin In Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie

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The Penguin DC Comics

Hearing about Ben Affleck, Warner Bros. and DC’s next Batman movie comes with a lot of controversy. On one hand you don’t know for a fact that he won’t return and on the other hand if you say you do, the fans will riot at your doorstep. It’s still very uncertain that Affleck will return to the cowl and Matt Reeves is said to be looking for another actor to play the iconic character. Affleck was supposed to return for Flashpoint and gracefully seague his way out of the role, but with that project now heading to a different direction, there’s a chance that he could return for the next Batman movie instead.

Jake Gyllenhaal was once rumored to be the top choice to replace Affleck as Batman, but he’s now definitely out of the running as he recently joined the sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming. We may not know who his Dark Knight will be, but it looks like Reeves already knows who’s going to be creating havoc in Gotham City.

With Warner Brothers, DC Films and Reeves hoping to begin filming The Batman in 2019 and recent paparazzi images showing Ben Affleck almost back in Batman form, new rumors are running wild that The Penguin will be the film’s main villain. According to several reports, DC may also want to utilize Penguin in the Birds of Prey movie if Reeves doesn’t end up using him. With all of the hype surrounding The Penguin being the villain of The Batman, we decided to look into who could play Oswald Cobblepot.

Click Next to see a few people that we think could do a great job as Penguin in the next Batman film.

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