Armie Hammer Reacts To Fan Art Of Himself As Green Lantern & Shazam

Armie Hammer Shazam Green LanternFor some time now, Armie Hammer’s name has continued to pop up as a rumored contender for the role of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern or Billy Batson/Shazam. While Armie Hammer recently denied rumors that he was being considered for the former role, that has not stopped fans from speculating on which character he may be more suited to portray. During an interview with MTV News, Hammer was given a preview of what he may look like as both characters when he was shown fan art of himself as Green Lantern and Shazam.

After being shown two pieces of fan art, one depicting him as Green Lantern and the other as Shazam, Armie Hammer would only respond by praising the artists work. When asked if he would be open to playing a superhero, Hammer replied:

“Josh, I’m a complete whore. I will work with anybody, for anything. Like, if you have a job for me, I’ll take it.”

You can watch the video below!

Details on the film’s plot are currently unknown, though most tellings of the comic book story depict Billy Batson as an orphan child who is granted the ability to become an adult hero with godlike powers by an ancient Wizard.

Shazam will be directed by David F. Sandberg with production scheduled to begin in Toronto between February and May of 2018. To date, the lead role has not been cast.

As of today, Shazam does not have a release date.

Source: MTV News

5 Ways To Make The ‘Shazam’ Movie Relatable & Engaging

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Shazam DC ComicsThe DC Extended Universe is set to expand to new heights in the next few years. Not only will we see the Aquaman hit the big screen this year, but we also have exciting movies like Dark Universe and Shazam! coming soon.

Shazam — a.k.a. Captain Marvel, though I doubt DC will ever call him that again — is a perfect character to bring to the big screen. The dark, gritty vibe of the DCEU works for characters like Batman or the Suicide Squad, but Shazam deserves something a bit more bright and lively.

The story of Billy Batson walking into a magical world and gaining both the powers of distinct mythical deities and the appearance of a strong adult, He-Man style, is perfect for the big screen. But, as with a lot of superheroes, the trick is making them relatable, and Shazam, with his magic and transformative powers, could be the trickiest of all.

Click the Next button and shout “Shazam” to find out the five ways I think Warner Bros. can make his movie relatable and engaging.

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    Awkward! From his reaction, it looks like the Warner guys called him, but then they changed their minds and picked another actor. He looks kind of bitter about it.