Armie Hammer Teases Potential ‘Green Lantern’ Role

Armie Hammer Teases Potential Green Lantern Role

The Social Network star, Armie Hammer, has been on the shortlist for the role of Hal Jordan/Green Lantern in the upcoming film, Green Lantern Corps for a while now. Hammer previously starred in 2015’s underrated film, The Man From UNCLE, alongside Man of Steel‘s Henry Cavill. Since the actor’s (potential) involvement in the DC Extended Universe was revealed by Umberto Gonzalez over at The Wrap, Hammer has taken the internet by storm, constantly teasing fans in regard to his role in Justice League. Of course, nothing has been confirmed by either the studio, or Hammer himself. So, as of right now, we should take his involvement with a grain of salt; at least until Warner Bros. officially announce it.

On Hammer’s twitter account, a fan recently asked the actor if he would be portraying Hal Jordan in the DCEU. Of course, the actor did not give a definitive yes, or no, but he did do a wonderful job of teasing the hell out of everyone.

You can check out his vague response below:

Now, as points out, Hammer is referencing Paul Newman’s Cool Hand Luke, in regard to the 50 Scotch eggs. But, what makes this all the more interesting is the fact that Hammer – you know – responded. His Twitter account is bombarded with questions about the DCEU and Hal Jordan, and the actor – most of the time – ignores them. Maybe it was the awesome reference that got Hammer to respond, or maybe there is something more to it.

Recently, Hammer’s UNCLE co-star, Henry Cavill, took to Instagram to tease Hal Jordan’s role in the DCEU. Of the two images uploaded involving Green Lantern references, Hammer happened to like both. As I said, take this story with a grain of salt. Could Hammer be announced as Hal Jordan at this July’s Comic Con? It would certainly be an awesome way for DC/WB to “win” Comic Con.

Would you guys and girls like to see Hammer take on the role of Green Lantern?

You can catch Hammer in Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals, which is on DVD/Blu Ray now.

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