‘Arrow’: ‘Checkmate’ Review

Arrow 516Arrow opens up this week with Oliver in snowy mountains as he is there to speak with Talia about Prometheus. She reveals to Oliver that she trained the villainous archer because both of them had lost their fathers at the hands of Oliver. Talia drops the big bomb that she is the daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul. Because Oliver killed her father, Talia wants to see him suffer in every way possible, but she reveals the identity of Prometheus: Adrian Chase.

Oliver returns to Star City to confront Adrian, but the district attorney reveals that Susan has been kidnapped and that she will die if Adrian gets taken down. Oliver stands down as Adrian takes off. Back at the bunker, Oliver informs the team that Adrian is Prometheus and everyone gives their respective reactions. Dinah and Curtis try to find Susan, but walk into a trap as they witness Susan being tortured by her kidnapper through live-footage. As Oliver tries to find Susan, he runs into Adrian’s wife and tries to convince her that Adrian is dangerous, but the ACU arrives in their apartment to try and arrest Green Arrow, but luckily Oliver manages to get away.

Back at the bunker, Felicity finally arrives and while she won’t tell Oliver about her Helix involvement, she reveals to Oliver that Adrian Chase is just an alias of Prometheus and not his birth name. At City Hall, Oliver announces that the Green Arrow has 24 hours to turn himself in before Oliver instructs the ACU to shoot the Emerald Archer. He then goes to the SCPD captain and tells him that Adrian isn’t who he is and that he is actually the Star-Shooting Killer. Oliver reveals that Adrian’s real name is Simon Morrison. When Pike leaves the station, he is stabbed by a mysterious person and this puts him in a coma. Oliver goes to visit him at the hospital, but Pike already has an unexpected visitor: Simon who reminds him that if Oliver tries to kill him, Susan will die too.

Oliver returns to the bunker with anger and hatred in his heart as he trashes the place while going through his emotions. When Diggle arrives, they have a heart to heart as Oliver questions whether or not letting people like Dinah, Curtis, Rene, Diggle, Felicity and so on into his life is the reason why he is in this mess to begin with. Felicity calls Oliver and informs him where Susan is being kept at and Oliver comes up with a plan on how to strike Simon mentally.

The team head to the location where Susan is being kept at and rescues her. Meanwhile, Oliver confronts Simon who reminds him that he is always ten steps ahead of the Green Arrow. Unfortunately for him, Oliver and Diggle have a surprise of their own as Doris Chase enters the room as she has now accepted the truth about her husband. Doris begs Simon to turn himself in, but he refuses as he stabs his own wife who later on passes away.

As Oliver gets ready to kill Simon, he gets attacked from the behind and it’s none other than Talia Al Ghul who together with Prometheus kidnaps the Green Arrow. The episode ends with Oliver held in restraints inside a prison cell as Simon reveals that he wants to help Oliver discover who he really is. Hit the next button below and let’s go through some of the highlights and important moments of the Arrow Season 5 episode: “Checkmate”

#5: Russian Flashbacks

#4: Oliver Learns About Prometheus’ Identity

#3: The Adrian Chase = Simon Morrison Situation

#2: Felicity’s “Darkness” Saga Continues

#1: Episode Ending = The Dark Knight Rises-Ish

Andy Behbakht

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