‘Arrow’: ‘Dangerous Liaisons’ Review

Arrow 519Arrow opens up with Team Green Arrow along with ARGUS still looking for Adrian Chase since he escaped, as they enter a building with a lot of game machines. As they trigger an alarm, which sets off a trap where guns start firing at the team. The whole place has been booby-trapped by Adrian as he is still several steps ahead of them. The next day, Oliver is back at the office and having to deal with Adrian’s escape as the whole city is now aware of what’s going on. He is forced to answer press members that are questioning how he could work with Adrian and never notice that something was wrong.

At Helix, Felicity and Alena are trying to use the organization’s resources to find Chase. Alena suggests to Felicity that she helps her find a way to break into ARGUS’s system in order to find Chase. They discover that ARGUS has someone on the inside, Agent Pierce, helping him mislead the authorities. Later that night, Alena follows Pierce who dies mysteriously inside the elevator as she steals his ARGUS security key.  The next morning, Oliver, Lyla and Dinah discover Pierce’s dead body and decide to watch the security footage from the night before, to see what killed Pierce. The footage shows Pierce being violently tossed around by something, as he is alone in there. Oliver suspects it to be a meta-human that can either be invisible or has some form of telekinetic powers.

Curtis discovers that the elevator was indeed hacked and Felicity realizes that it must have been Alena. She heads over to Helix and confronts Alena about killing the agent. Alena explains that she didn’t intend to get Pierce killed, but only needed to knock him out so she could still the key. Felicity still can’t accept that a man is dead because of Alena who goes on to explain that she needed that key in order to find a very skilled hacker who created Helix. According to Alena, ARGUS took him away eight months ago and she now intends to rescue him. Alena tells Felicity that she will help her find him as he developed a biometric tracker that can recognize a heartbeat that is so powerful it can scan the heartbeat anywhere in the world, which she can use to find Chase. They still need a second key though, but Alena assures that she has already set a plan into motion to get it.

Lyla inform Diggle and Oliver that whoever killed Pierce, they stole his ARGUS security key. Oliver doesn’t think that this is Chase’s doing, while Lyla asks him for a favor, to have his team escort an ARGUS agent back to the city. We cut to the agent being followed by masked motorcycle drivers that start shooting at the car. Team Green Arrow arrives just in time as Dinah uses her sonic scream to knock a few of the drivers out. While Oliver takes out the rest of them, Felicity calls Diggle and begs him to let the shooter get away with the key as she is trying to help them from the inside. Diggle gets Oliver to agree as they watch the driver get away with the second key. Back at the bunker, the team confronts Felicity that she is making a big mistake. Felicity is stunned that Oliver and Diggle aren’t OK with her having to take some questionable methods as they do it all the time.

Felicity gives up and decides to head back to Helix as her team isn’t willing to back her. Lyla explains to Oliver and Diggle about the hacker that Felicity is trying to break out. Diggle is however questioning why ARGUS is holding him prisoner, with Lyla just stating that he is a “person of interest”. Oliver tries to convince Lyla to let him go so he can help them find Chase, but Lyla has a different idea. She wants to use the hacker as bait to lure Helix out so they can take the organization down. Lyla takes off while Diggle and Oliver realize they need to get Felicity out of Helix before she gets put in danger.

Oliver pays Felicity a visit at her home as she is about to leave the building. He tries to explain to Felicity that she shouldn’t put herself at risk to take down Chase, as Oliver doesn’t want her to have to sacrifice her soul for a monster that he was responsible for creating. The two still don’t find common ground as she leaves the apartment to join her Helix team. Back at the bunker, Oliver instructs the others that if Felicity gets in the way tonight, that they stop her no matter what.

Felicity is surprised when they arrive at a different ARGUS point as Alena tells her that they wanted to trick their opponents. Team Arrow finds out by Lyla that the Helix hacker was being kept at a different location which gets Diggle pissed off as she kept this from them. Meanwhile, Felicity and Alena proceed with hacking their way into the Helix founder’s prison, but as they rescue him, Team Arrow has arrived. A showdown takes place between Helix and the team as Diggle gets Alena at gun point. She manages to get away and heads back to the van. Oliver catches up with them, but Felicity gets in the way and activates the laser field again that prevents him from crossing the other side.

She tells him that she is sorry and hopes Oliver will understand, but he assures Felicity that he won’t as she takes off. Back at the bunker, the team regroups as they try to figure out what to do about Felicity. Oliver says there is nothing they can do about it for now. Meanwhile, Felicity goes back to Helix’s base, but finds that it has been abandoned. A screen lights up as Alena greets Felicity and thanks her for everything she has done for them. Alena informs Felicity that because of her involvement with Team Green Arrow, it makes her a liability. However, as a token of their appreciation, she left Felicity the biometric scan so she can find Chase before bidding farewell.

Back at their home, Lyla and Diggle continue to disagree as Diggle isn’t happy how ARGUS has changed Lyla since she took over for Amanda Waller. Lyla argues that she isn’t ashamed of what she did and will do in order to keep the world safe. Felicity goes back to the bunker to try and find Chase, before Oliver shows up. She tells Oliver that she got kicked out of Helix, but is disappointed that Oliver didn’t have her back. The conversation is cut short as the tracker begins to find Chase’s location as he is much closer than they realize: he is there. The screen suddenly explodes as Oliver and Felicity get knocked out.

With so much going down in tonight’s episode and with that ending, there is a lot we have to discuss and breakdown. Hit the next button below and let’s go through some of the highlights and important moments of the Arrow Season 5 episode: “Dangerous Liaisons”

#5: Helping Fathers

#4: Helix Vs Argus/Team Arrow

#3: Trouble For Diggle & Lyla

#2: Adrian Strikes Again

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