‘Arrow’ To Have Dolph Lundgren In Flashback Centered Episode

arrowSpeaking with ComicBook.com, Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim talked about how he and the writers of the show are aware of all the excitement surrounding the iconic action star Dolph Lungren and his character Konstantin Kovar, and how touching upon this Russian backstory makes sense in our current time.

‘Russia is very much in the zeitgeist these days, and coming into the back half of the year, we’re doing a lot more with Russia,” Guggenheim said. “We’re going to do a Russia-centric episode, a flashback-centric episode like we did in the first three years of the show. We’ll be doing that later on in the season and that will have Dolph Lundgren’s character, Konstantin Kovar, very much front and center.’

This is by no means a coincidence considering the political reality these days. Guggenheim even revealed that they’re still writing the episode to include not-very-subtle political subtext.

‘In that episode -assuming the scheduling works out because we’re still writing this episode- the plan is for Konstantin to have a very key meeting with a corrupt, American multimillionaire businessman. Make of that what you will.’

What do you think of the plans for this episode? Are you excited to see this Dolph Lundgren centered story? Sound off in the comments below.

Source: ComicBook

Luis Espinoza

Luis Espinoza

Luis Espinoza is a part time writer at Heroic Hollywood and a director at Cinema Kaffe