‘Arrow’ EP Greg Berlanti Compares Dark Tone To Other DC Shows


When Arrow first hit television screens the creative team behind the series made a conscious effort to emulate the gritty and realistic approach of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, even going as far as declaring that there would be no super powers on the show. While the series has since abandoned the self-imposed ban on meta-human appearances, it has still earned a reputation for being the dark and serious member of the CW superhero shows. However, speaking to Comicbook.com, executive producer Greg Berlanti, who oversees all four of the CW superhero shows, explained that he does not agree with the popular assessment of Arrow.

“In some ways, there can be some episodes of Arrow that can be just as optimistic in their own way, especially given the perils that they’re up against. It’s definitely a darker-toned show in a lot of regards, but it’s always the relationships and those are just as emotional and deep and fun.”

Berlanti does admit, however, that ensuring the different tones of each series work well together when characters cross over into another show does present challenges.

“I remember in the pilot to The Flash, Arrow being in the scene and thinking, ‘Is this going to make both shows feel smaller or bigger?’,” Berlanti said. “And sort of like the comic books, it made them both feel a little bigger.”

The ‘Arrowverse’ will soon be expanding when a four-part crossover event, expected to air in November, finally brings characters from all four CW superhero shows together to stop a common enemy.

Arrow airs on Wednesday at 8:00 pm ET on The CW.

Source: Comicbook.com

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