‘Arrow’, ‘Gotham’, ‘Legends’, & ‘Riverdale’ Are All On Kevin Smith’s Directorial Bucket List


After watching Kevin Smith’s second directorial effort taking on The Flash, it is safe to say he is now two for two on episode quality. His first episode, “The Runaway Dinosaur”, explored the speed force by sending Barry on an emotional roller coaster as he chased after a metaphorical ‘runaway dinosaur’. The premise of the episode may seem like a lot to take in, but Smith pulled it off with excellence.

His second episode, “Killer Frost”, was equally as engrossing, giving us our first full on transformation of Earth-1 Caitlin into the evil Killer Frost. The episode was as good as, if not arguably better than his first time around, so it should come as no surprise the man wants to now branch out and give other comic book properties a try. He already has branched out once to Supergirl, directing the 9th episode of this current season, “Supergirl Lives”.

Aside from the shows he has already done, Smith admitted in a Facebook Live chat that there were other specific shows he’d like to tackle also.

“Well, it’s a big belt Wess, let’s be honest. I can fit a lot, all four CW series and about 8 networks under this belt, um, the belt that I wear around this prestigious gut. However, I love, I’m just glad I got to do anything. So I’ve done two Flash’s, and a Supergirl. Hopefully, I get to come back and do another Supergirl. I would love to go over to Legends of course man, and as I said last season, I’d love to go to Arrow, particularly if they let me write an episode where I could bring back my character or co-write whatever, with my character Onomatopoeia, the guy who makes noises, Mr. Shushee in the comics, that would be fantastic, so I’ve let that be known many times “I’d love to do Arrow!” and crickets, so ya know, I’ll, I don’t care, anybody that’s just like “come play”, I like to come play, and these are shows that I actually adore. I love Flash and Supergirl, so it’s very to go play in that world. I’m a big Legends fan as well, so it would be easy to dive into that world, but the Arrow thing, ya know, is personal connects because I wrote the comic years ago, so hopefully one day man.”

Smith actually had quite a bit to say on the subject, first admitting he’d love to do either a Legends of Tomorrow or an Arrow episode. When it came to Arrow, he specifically mentions his own print creation Onomatopoeia. In addition, he emphasizes the desire he has to direct an Arrow episode, considering his history with the comic iteration of Green Arrow. Smith continues on mentioning a few more properties he’d like to tackle.

“Maybe Gotham too, but that’s not Berlanti-verse. Riverdale son, that’s the next one man. I’ve seen it in little pieces and whatnot. Riverdale, it’s Archie as if it took place in like Twin Peaks. Sick, I can’t wait. I want to direct that, that’s a high school show.”

He adds both Fox’s Gotham and the CW’s Riverdale to the list, but he clearly sounds more excited about the latter. He seems to be very excited for Riverdale.

The CW needs to take notice and the powers that be should give Smith a chance to direct these shows. After seeing what he’s done with The Flash and hearing all the positive things being said about the upcoming Supergirl episode, it makes no sense to not feature his talent regularly.

Do you think Kevin Smith should take on one or all of these shows? Make sure to let us know what you think below in the comments.

Source: Kevin Smith’s Facebook/ComicBook.com

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