‘Arrow’ EP Reveals Plans To Return To The Havenrock Issue In Season 5


At the end of Arrow‘s fourth season, Damien Darhk launched a nuclear warhead straight for Star City, causing Felicity Smoak to make the impossible decision of diverting the missile to a less-populated area, which ended up being the smaller city of Havenrock. The blast killed over 10,000 people (much fewer than Star City’s millions of residents, but still), including the family of Season 5 supporting character Rory Regan, aka Ragman, who survived thanks to the actions of his father, who wrapped his son in the magical rags that now form his superhero costume.

Earlier this season, Felicity came clean with Rory about her involvement in the incident, and while he said he could never forgive her, he still stayed onboard Team Arrow. However, it now seems like the past will not solely stay in the past for very long, as today Arrow Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim told ComicBook.com that the show will revisit the Havenrock issue in an episode later this season.

Here’s what Guggenheim had to say:

“By the way, we haven’t seen the end of that story. I mean, obviously, we’ve gotten the secret out and Rory and Felicity have aired their feelings about it, but we’re actually going to revisit it in episode 12. Episode 12 draws together a lot of threads from the first 11 episodes of the season and it ties off some of them, and it just connects different things that weren’t previously connected. But one of those threads is going to be this Havenrock situation and, I think, hopefully, if we’ve done our job correctly, just the fact that we’re revisiting Havenrock and then the way we do it, with respect to Felicity and Rory, will be surprising.”

Now, he doesn’t flat out say that we will actually be seeing Havenrock the city this year (there’s not really much left to see anymore, is there?), but that the issue between Rory and Felicity will rear it’s ugly head once again. However, seeing as how this show focuses so much of its time on flashbacks, I wouldn’t be surprised if we actually saw a flashback to Rory’s father giving him the rags just before his own death. That would be a very emotional way to put us viewers inside the character’s head before the issue is drudged back up again.

Arrow returns from its mid-season break tonight at 8pm on The CW. Be sure to come back for our review of the mid-season premiere, “Who Are You?”

Source: ComicBook.com

Jeff Grantz

Jeff Grantz

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