‘Arrow’: ‘Kapiushon’ Review

In this week's episode of Arrow Season 5, Adrian Chase a.k.a. Prometheus continues to torture Oliver Queen who confesses a dark secret.

Arrow opens up with a montage of several people that Oliver Queen has killed over the past couple of seasons as he is being tortured by Prometheus after getting kidnapped by him and Talia Al Ghul last week. Adrian is still determined to get Oliver to confess his big dark secret and starts torturing him again.

In Russian flashbacks we see Oliver torturing Gregor to get intel from him about Kovar’s plans, but Anatoly isn’t agreeing with Oliver’s methods. Before Gregor passes away, he swears that everyone that Oliver holds dear will die in one way or another because of Oliver. Later on Anatoly plans on reaching out to Kovar while Oliver looks after Taiana’s mother, but doesn’t succeed at first. We discover that Kovar is negotiating with Malcolm Merlyn about some sort of shipment before Anatoly walks in and Malcolm takes off. Oliver finds out by Anatoly that Kovar is planning on killing the Russian government by sarin gas which is the shipment that Malcolm had arranged for Kovar.

He goes to find Taiana’s mother again and informs her that Taiana had passed on, while also asking her to provide him with a key to Kovar’s building. Later on, Oliver tries to stop Kovar from killing everyone at the casino, including Anatoly and his men who got captured by Kovar’s men. While Kovar manages to unleash the gas, Oliver eventually shuts it off. A big showdown between the two of them goes down and Oliver manages to get the upper hand by stabbing Kovar with a knife and kills the Russian baddie. The flashbacks end with Malcolm with Kovar’s body and we discover that somehow he is still alive.

In the present we see Adrian continuing to break Oliver in several different ways from decorating his cell with photos of those that Oliver killed on his father’s list to firing arrows into him. Later on, Adrian drags Evelyn into the cell and she is all beaten up. He throws a knife in the middle of the cell, telling them that the only way out of there is by killing the other. Adrian hopes Oliver gets reminded about the secret that he is keeping by killing Evelyn. Oliver tries to convince her to try and find a way to escape together, but Evelyn is desperate for her freedom and tries to go for the knife. She fails to take Oliver down and Adrian returns to the cell and puts her in a headlock and demands that Oliver confesses his secret. Oliver still doesn’t know what Adrian is talking about and he then goes on to snapping Evelyn’s neck.

Oliver is filled with rage and he eventually confesses to Adrian that the reason that he killed people is simply because he wanted to and enjoyed it. We learn later on that Evelyn and Adrian set Oliver up so that he would confess and that Adrian didn’t actually kill her. Adrian mocks Oliver and his crusade as he sees it being based on a complete lie. Oliver reminds Adrian that he promised Oliver his freedom by confessing and Adrian is planning on keeping his word. But before he lets Oliver free, Adrian burns off the Bratva tattoo on Oliver’s chest. The next time Oliver wakes up, he grabs his belongings and returns to the bunker. Oliver informs the team that all hope is lost and that he is done being the Green Arrow.

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