‘Arrow’: Echo Kellum On Mister Terrific, T-Spheres & Prometheus

Arrow star Echo Kellum talks about his character Mister Terrific coming into his own this season, T-Spheres and the team's final showdown with Prometheus.

Echo Kellum Arrow

One of the characters on Stephen Amell‘s Arrow that I’ve been most excited about this season is Curtis Holt, who was introduced last year in the show’s fourth season before finally becoming Mister Terrific at the beginning of Season 5. Wielding his T-Spheres and wearing his iconic T-shaped mask and leather jacket with the words “Fair Play” running down the sleeve, he’s finally coming into his own.

The Mister Terrific of the comics (named Michael Holt, not Curtis) is a member of the Justice Society of America and is regarded as the third smartest person in the DC universe (after Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor), and while the Curtis of the show has yet to reach these heights of superherodom, I am a fan of what actor Echo Kellum has done with the role. In an interview with CBR, Kellum spoke a bit about Curtis becoming a key component of Team Arrow this season:

“He’s starting to get comfortable in his own skin. He’s starting to bring in some of his tech skills into the field with him. That’s helped him to become more confident out there, like he’s an actual asset to the team.”

Kellum also spoke about finally getting to use his character’s signature T-Spheres, teasing that the show has only scratched the surface of what these devices can do:

“Oh, I was pumped. He’s so synonymous with those things. I was geeking out. I wanted to play with them the whole time. I got to bring one home and familiarize myself with it. They are very cool. The door is wide open on the abilities they will be able to have and acquire. You’ll see over the next couple of episodes, they are a work in progress. Curtis is constantly tinkering with them to get them better. You’ll see a new use come up with them soon. I’m excited about the possibilities of what the T-Spheres can do.”

The actor also stated that the show will not have time to explore the personal aspects of Curtis’ life, like the end of his marriage, because the team will be completely focused on the final showdown with Season 5 Big Bad Prometheus, but he promised we’ll see more of that next season:

“The last few episodes are really all hands-on-deck with Prometheus. It’s getting to a place where it’s do-or-die. We’re paying more attention to that at the end of the season. In Season 6, you’ll definitely see more of Curtis’ personal life and some of the shenanigans he gets into outside of the team.”

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Source: CBR