‘Arrow’: ‘Lian Yu’ Review

Arrow opens up with right where we left off with Oliver and Slade talking as the Emerald Archer asks his former enemy for help in taking down Prometheus. Oliver is also planning on getting Digger Harkness a.k.a. Captain Boomerang on his team too. Once Slade is filled in on everything, he agrees to help Oliver. Oliver brings Harkness and Slade to Malcolm and Nyssa as an RPG comes out of nowhere and blows their plane up.

Oliver and his team finds some of the Team Arrow members locked up in cages, along with Samantha Clayton, William’s mother while Thea is shocked to see Deathstroke with Oliver. Talia and Evelyn emerge and threaten Oliver to not move, otherwise William will die. Harkness reveals that he is working with Prometheus as Slade appears to be working with them too. But Slade is faking it as he tries to take Harkness down. Nyssa shows up behind Talia who gets away with Harkness. Oliver gets everyone out while locking Evelyn into a cage as she refuses to tell them about Adrian’s plan and where the other half of the team is being kept at. Oliver orders Malcolm to take Curtis, Samantha, Thea and Felicity to a plane somewhere on the island so they are kept out of harm. Thea has a side-talk with Oliver as she is furious that he was willing to team up with Slade and Malcolm. Oliver gets Thea to agree to leave the island with the others before Felicity gives Oliver a kiss, in case things go bad. Malcolm and the others leave while we see Black Siren taking Quentin and Diggle to where Rene and Dinah are being kept prisoners. Dinah tells the other members that she can’t use her powers as a sonic dampener is active in the room.

Elsewhere on the island, Oliver, Slade and Nyssa are still looking for Talia and Harkness. Slade and Oliver have a heart-to-heart as the two men share with each about how their respective pasts are haunting them. Slade explains to Oliver that he has to eventually learn to forgive himself as Nyssa comes back to tell them that she found a trace. Meanwhile, Samantha tells Felicity that she isn’t getting on the plane without William. Malcolm and Thea have an argument before Thea accidentally steps on a landmine that will go off if she takes her foot off from it. Malcolm decides to take Thea’s place by pushing her to the side as he shares some fatherly words before Boomerang and his squad catches up with them. The others run while Malcolm decides to take on Boomerang and his men by detonate the landmine. Felicity is comforting Thea as she is mixed about her father’s apparent death. Curtis finds the plane before they all realize that they don’t have a pilot. Thea discovers there are C4s lying around as Felicity sees that the whole island is loaded with them.

Nyssa, Slade and Oliver discover where their team members are being kept. They head into the building with Nyssa going one way before Oliver gets knocked out by Slade. Siren shows up as Slade tells her that he has a gift for Adrian. Oliver gets taken to the other team members as they discover that Slade is working with Adrian. Oliver asks where William is, but none of them knows where he is as they didn’t know William was taken to begin with. Oliver hands Dinah the sonic enhancer that Curtis built so she can use her sonic scream as she gets them out of their chains. Nyssa goes to confront Talia as the two Al Ghul sisters have a showdown. Deathstroke shows up to take out Talia’s men, as we learn that he and Oliver were in on the double-agent act. Nyssa has the chance to kill Talia, but decides to knock her out before Oliver and the others join them.

Adrian arrives with Siren and more assassins as he isn’t planning on letting them go anytime soon. Oliver keeps asking where William is, but Adrian still isn’t budging. The two teams start fighting, with Dinah and Laurel using their sonic screams against each other. Laurel gets knocked out by Quentin from the behind. Adrian and Oliver take the fight further into the building as Oliver puts Adrian in a headlock as he wants to kill Adrian off, but can’t do it before he knows where William is and he doesn’t want to prove Adrian right. As Team Arrow has taken out all of Adrian’s assassins, Oliver lets Adrian go before giving him a speech on how he is done blaming himself anymore. Adrian breaks down the news to Oliver that William is dead, but Oliver refuses to believe him. Felicity gets a hold of Oliver as she tells him that if Adrian dies, the bombs will go off and blow the whole island up. While Adrian gets away, Oliver tells the others to get to the plane as he plans to find Adrian and William.

In the flashbacks, Konstantin discovers that Oliver has escaped from his cell as he is trying to get to his arsenal as time is running out before his plan with Anatoly is put into motion. Konstantin’s men chase him through the woods as Konstantin wants to put an end to this. Oliver takes out a few of his men before seeing a helicopter begin shooting at him, with Konstantin flying it while Oliver tries to get cover. He manages to shoot the helicopter down before taking off further into the woods. Oliver finds Konstantin all damaged as he is ready to kill him, but his gun is out of bullets. The two men clash once again until Oliver eventually gets the upper hand as he snaps Konstantin’s neck. Oliver rushes to his arsenal and puts on the wig to make it look like he has been there for years. He arrives at the beach and fires an arrow towards his stack of wood to make a signal to the fishermen as we relive the scene from the pilot when Oliver was rescued from the island. On the boat home, Oliver calls Moira to let him know that he is alive as she doesn’t believe it is him first. Eventually Oliver gets through to her as she is stunned that he is alive. Moira asks Oliver if Robert is alive as Oliver breaks down the tragic news about Robert and Sara. Oliver says he is on his way home and that he loves her.

Oliver rushes through the forest and finds Adrian taking off on a boat as Oliver catches up with him. Adrian drags William out and put him in a headlock as he gives Oliver two choices. Either he lets Adrian live so he can see his son die in front of him, or he kills Adrian whose death will cause the death of everyone on his team back at the island. Oliver fires an arrow at Adrian’s leg and gets William out of his lock. However, Adrian isn’t out of tricks as he puts a gun to his head and dies. Oliver and William witness the whole island blowing up before the episode cuts to black.  With so much going down in tonight’s explosive (pun intended) episode, there is a lot we have to discuss and breakdown. Hit the next button below and let’s go through some of the highlights and important moments of the Arrow Season 5 finale episode: “Lian Yu”

#5: The Flashback Finale

#4: Slade Wilson’s Return

#3: A Father’s Sacrifice

#2: The Amazing Fights

#1: Adrian’s Final Surprise


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