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ArrowArrow opens up with Oliver, Thea and Quentin watching the news that is talking about the take down of Prometheus. Quentin takes off as he is going to give Rene a piece of his mind, before wishing Oliver happy birthday. Thea wants to celebrate Oliver’s birthday, but he isn’t interested as he has dinner plans with Felicity. Later that night when Oliver goes to her apartment, he thinks something is wrong as he accidentally tackles Curtis before everyone jumps out to shout surprise as he walked into a surprise party. During the party, Curtis shows Felicity a sonic enhancer that he wants to give to Dinah which will make her sonic scream stronger. Quentin shows up and tells Thea that he couldn’t find Rene. They all come together to celebrate Oliver’s birthday and Adrian Chase’s defeat. Oliver and Felicity have a chat alone while making the googly eyes at each other.

Curtis is heading to Dinah’s apartment while chatting with Felicity on the phone. When he gets to her apartment, Curtis notices that something is wrong as someone has broken into Dinah’s apartment. He walks in to investigate before getting knocked out by a mysterious attacker. Diggle and Oliver head over there to see if they can find any clues, as they find Curtis’ phone. Oliver realizes that Adrian is taking everyone out one by one, but Felicity doesn’t know how that is possible as he is still locked up. Oliver finds a black arrow and realizes Talia Al Ghul is behind this before going to see Adrian. Oliver confronts Adrian, but gets instantly mocked as Adrian calls Oliver predictable. As he heads back to the bunker to see Felicity who thought she was going to be moved to an ARGUS safe house. Oliver, however, wants her to stay in the bunker where he thinks it is safer for Felicity. Diggle shows up before Felicity gets an alarm that Black Siren has escaped from ARGUS and they realize that Quentin doesn’t know about his daughter’s doppelganger.

At the safe house, Thea is with Quentin who wants to go find Rene. The security guard in the room gets a mysterious call with static and realizes something is wrong. Thea and Quentin head into the hall way to see what’s going on and find their guard knocked out. Quentin walks into a bedroom and finds the Earth-2 Laurel Lance and gets emotional over seeing his daughter again. Thea shows up and warns him that it’s not his Laurel before they both get knocked out by Evelyn. Later on, Oliver, Felicity and Diggle show up to investigate as they start to realize why everyone is being kidnapped by Adrian’s team mates. Oliver goes to Adrian and starts beating him down before aiming a gun at him. Adrian warns him that the only way he can save his friends is by letting him go. Oliver refuses to let Adrian go who warns him that his offer only lasts till midnight.

Elsewhere in a driving truck, Thea is explaining to Quentin the concept of doppelgangers and that this Laurel is an evil version from Earth-2. Thea warns Quentin to not fall for any of her tricks before Siren and Evelyn stops the truck to escort them to a “surprising” place. Diggle and Felicity are heading out of the city while regretting leaving Oliver alone. They eventually get stopped by League of Assassins members before getting kidnapped. Back at the bunker, Oliver is walking around while a mysterious intruder is watching him from above. It’s none other than Malcolm Merlyn who Oliver isn’t happy to see. Malcom explains that he has come to help Oliver save Thea as the two rivals are forced to team up. Meanwhile, Laurel takes Quentin to a shipping container as she cuffs him up. Quentin notices that this Laurel seems to care about this version of her father. Laurel explains that she is only doing this because Adrian gave Laurel her freedom while also promising to not hurt her father. Quentin tries to get through this Laurel by bringing up how his Laurel wouldn’t do something like this and Siren seems to agree with him.

Oliver and Malcolm arrive a bit later at where Felicity and Diggle were taken but there are no traces of where they may have been taken.  A few minutes later, Oliver gets a phone call that Adrian is about to be transferred to a prison as he heads over there to make sure it goes smoothly. As Adrian is being escorted, he warns Oliver that when he gets on the helicopter, Oliver will get a very special phone call. A minute later, Oliver gets a video call as he sees William begging for help. Oliver runs out to try and stop the van from taking off, but Adrian has already been taken to the transfer site. Meanwhile, Adrian is being escorted to a helicopter as it seems that he is getting help in escaping. Malcolm and Oliver catch up with them as Oliver goes after Adrian while Malcolm covers him. Oliver runs up to Adrian demanding to know where William is, while also asking him why he brought the boy into it. Adrian explains that it was because of Oliver’s decision to get his wife involved a couple of episodes ago. Adrian gets into the helicopter, telling Oliver he will see him on “the boat”.

Malcolm and Oliver head back to the bunker to figure out where Adrian flied off to. The computer alerts them that someone is on their way as Oliver has called for backup before Nyssa Al Ghul walks into the bunker, which doesn’t thrill Malcolm. Despite their differences, Malcolm agrees to work with Nyssa and tells her that one of their opponents is none other than her sister Talia. Oliver discovers where Adrian is headed as the three of them take a plane to a familiar island…Lian Yu. At the island, the kidnapped members are greeted by Adrian as he explains why they are all here. Dinah and Rene are however not there as she is being kept somewhere else.

In the flashbacks, Oliver wakes up in the prison on the island as Konstantin Kovar followed him to the island in last week’s episode. Konstantin has a different approach of torture as he plans to put Oliver through hell, mentally as he injects a torture drug called “Red Death” into him. Oliver wakes up again as Konstantin is rambling before he starts touching Oliver’s chest, as Oliver starts getting flashes of painful memories. Konstantin’s torture drug forces Oliver to relive every pain that he has ever experienced. Oliver passes out and wakes up again later, only this time he is locked up in a cell. Konstantin watches Oliver suffer as he keeps flashing more painful memories from the past four years. He slides in a gun to Oliver that he can use to either kill Konstantin with or to shoot himself with as it only has one bullet inside. However, Oliver is so broken up that he can barely hold the gun straight. As Oliver tries to fire the gun, he starts hallucinating Yao Fei, Shado’s father. Yao tries to convince Oliver to end his own life so that he can’t put the people he loves in pain anymore.  As Oliver is about to end his life, he starts to hallucinate Laurel who begs him to not do it. After hearing what Laurel says to him, Oliver decides to not give up as he uses the only bullet in the gun to shoot at the lock and gets out.

The episode ends with Oliver heading to the underground prison in Lian Yu as he needs to ask one of his most powerful enemies for help. Oliver walks into the bunker to ask Slade Wilson for help as Slade is happy that Oliver came back. With so much going down in tonight’s episode, there is a lot we have to discuss and breakdown. Hit the next button below and let’s go through some of the highlights and important moments of the Arrow Season 5 episode: “Missing”

#5: Setup For The End Of Flashbacks

#4: Return Of Black Siren

#3: Oliver Begins Assembling His Army

#2: Return Of Many Familiar Faces

#1: Verdict & Other Thoughts

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