‘Arrow’ Producer Teases The Future Of Black Siren

Arrow Black Siren Laurel Lance ReturnLast night in the mid-season premiere of Arrow, we learned that the Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) that Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) found in the bunker was in fact the Earth-2 version who is the villainous Black Siren. That Laurel caused a lot of trouble for Team Green Arrow and while the episode ended with the team sending her to ARGUS, that doesn’t mean that we have seen the last of her.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly’s SiriusXM radio show Superhero Insider, Marc Guggenheim, who is the show-runner of Arrow, was asked about what the future of Black Siren is. He first spoke about that it was nice for the writers to be able to bring Siren over from The Flash which is where she was introduced as it will give them “interesting storytelling possibilities”.

“I think that at the end of the day we sort of saw an opportunity to tell what we thought was an interesting story. I think one of the nice things of the episode that it did for us was that it sort of took Black Siren back from The Flash and sort of put her more on to Arrow’s orbit. That just opens up all sorts of interesting storytelling possibilities for us.”

Natalie Abrams, senior writer and one of the hosts of Superhero Insider, brought up the very open ending in “Who Are You?” as Oliver still believes that she can be redeemed, that he can help this Laurel who on Earth-2 lost her Oliver. Guggenheim admitted that it was 100% intentional as he teased that we could very well be seeing Siren again in the near future and potentially go through an evolution.

“That was very intentional, like I said, a good chunk of the end of the episode was about putting Black Siren back in Oliver’s orbit. We could have very easily returned her to the pipeline in Central City, but Oliver and us as writers wanted to keep Black Siren close. Just yesterday in the writer’s room we were talking about all the different potential stories for Black Siren. You know, assuming Katie [Cassidy] is up for it, you haven’t seen the last of Black Siren.  I think there is a lot of interesting stuff to be done and at the end of the day – to sort of go back to the point of toying with people’s emotions [laughs] – we really do break story according to a very, very simple barometer which is ‘Is it interesting? Do we have stories to tell?’

[With] Black Siren, there is a lot of potential there. Just this morning, driving into work, I was thinking about just how much I wanted to see a scene where [Quentin] Lance meets Black Siren. I just think that would be really, really, rich to see those emotional stuff. So again, with Katie’s participation, you haven’t seen the last of her.”

It should be pointed out that Cassidy was one of three actors that signed a multiple-show contract last year which made her a regular across Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. So far she has only appeared on Arrow as three different versions of Laurel. Could she be heading to The Flash or Legends of Tomorrow next? Only time will tell as we still have plenty of episodes to go before May.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

Andy Behbakht

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