‘Arrow’ Recap: S4E19 “Canary Cry”

Diggle trying to kill Ruve Adams

Now this scene seemed almost controversial to a lot of fans. When the clip was first released, message boards began to fill with messages and posts almost condemning the Arrow showrunners for taking Diggle to this point. But this scene was for the fans. This scene was far more of a nod to fans feeling than anything else. Diggle’s rage was the embodiment of how audiences should act towards the death of Black Canary, and while there is still a large group of fans that are glad she is gone, this scene showed fans that the Arrow writers know what they did. They killed a character that they mistreated for years. They are acknowledging our rage, sadness, and they are channeling it through one of the few characters in the show that embodies the voice of reason.

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Taylor Landine

Taylor Landine

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