‘Arrow’ Season 4 Episode 20 Recap

Darhk’s Power Play

Arrow 42015

If you had any questions about whether Damien Darhk had regained his power or not, the introduction quickly answered them. Following him into the secret enemy lair of “Project Genesis” were Murmur, Merlyn, and Andy Diggle and they were all witness to Darhk’s fantastic magical ability upon Milo Armitage and Phaedra Nixon. Stopping a bullet mid-flight and returning to sender, and then snapping a spine in half. Yes, I’d say he’s back and in full charge of “Project Genesis”. No more committees.

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Nathaniel Brail

Nathaniel Brail

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  • Vegas82

    In the final scene she doesn’t hit a force field, it’s a giant LED display that makes up the dome. You can tell because she damages it when she bangs on it, burning out several pixels.

  • capwulf

    Why was Diggle more upset about the Laurel thing, than Arrow almost getting Digs daughter killed?
    Doesn’t make sense. He and Laurel weren’t even that close.

    • Elizabethssmith

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