‘Arrow’ Season 4 To Introduce Mr. Terrific & Batman Villain Anarky

Last night during the DCTV SDCC 15′ panel in Hall H Executive Producers Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim announced that season 4 of Arrow would introduce additional DC Comic’s characters. Arrow has a great history of introducing characters like Huntress, Cyrus Gold, Black Canary, Deathstroke, The Atom and The Flash. They have done so well introducing characters that the latter two characters have their own series. 

During the panel Showrunner Marc Guggenheim announced that Anarky and Mr. Terrific would be joining season 4 of Arrow. When asked about new characters joining the show Guggenheim stated the following

Oh, new characters, well, uh we’ve got a few. We’ve got a gentleman who will be joining Damien [Dark]. Batman fans know him as Anarky and you know one of the things we like to do on Arrow is tell the secret origins of various characters. You get to see how Roy Harper became Arsenal, Laurel became the Black Canary, Thea became Speedy. This year we wanted to introduce a new character to Arrow, Mr. Terrific.

When ask if they could find out more about Mr. Terrific’s character Greg Berlanti let us in on a few tidbits.

He’s gonna work with Felicity, be a good friend of her’s. We’re often asked when we’re gonna add another LGBT character to the show and our version of Mr. Terrific happens to be gay.

Does the addition of these DC characters make you excited for Arrow season 4?

Arrow season 4 premieres October 7th, 2016!

(Nate Brail)

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