Two New ‘Arrow’ Characters Revealed For Season 7

Arrow CW DC Comics Season Finale

Arrow may have just ended its sixth season but details for Season 7 are already starting to come out in regards to new characters from TV Line.

TV Line reports that two new characters will be introduced in Arrow‘s season 7. The first is set to take on Team Arrow and is described as being an, “Ambitious, young, anti-vigilante recruit at the SCPD.” The other character is said to be, “A successful tech whiz who is gay, and who harbors a heartbreaking past.”

Team Arrow looks like they will have their hands full in Season 7. Season 6 ended with Oliver in the supermax prison and it seems Arrow season 7 could be influenced by David Goyer’s old Green Arrow movie script.

Are you looking forward to meeting these new characters in season 7? Comment below!

Arrow stars Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak, David Ramsey as John Diggle, Willa Holland as Thea Queen/Speedy, Paul Blackthorne as Quentin Lance, Juliana Harkavy as Dinah Drake/Black Canary, Rick Gonzalez as Rene Ramirez/Wild Dog, Echo Kellum as Curtis Holt/Wild Dog and Katie Cassidy as Laurel Lance/Black Siren.

Starting next season, Arrow will be airing on Monday nights on The CW.

Source: TV Line

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Avengers Infinity War Thanos Marvel DC ComicsNow that general audiences have seen Avengers: Infinity War, nothing will ever be the same for the DC films. Avengers: Infinity War feels more like an event starring everyone’s favorite characters than a traditional movie, and it will be hard for Warner Bros. to replicate that feeling of excitement for their comic book movies. DC’s counter-part to Avengers, Justice League, didn’t achieve nearly the same level of success and now the studio has to think of a new plan to get their cinematic universe chugging along.

Fortunately, DC Comics has a huge repertoire of epic, personal stories to explore for cinematic potential. While Thanos may be more destructive than the villains in some of these stories, that doesn’t mean these adventures don’t result in real, destructive changes in the DC Universe. After forcing DC’s finest heroes to fight Doomsday and Steppenwolf, two of the publisher’s strongest villains, on the big screen so early in the cinematic universe’s history, WB may want to step back and focus on personal stories. Even if none of these plotlines make it to the big screen, and if they do they would all require some major tweaking, they are all excellent examples of DC’s finest work.

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